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Taco Sausage

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Has anyone ever made a Taco Sausage? I am wondering if a person just uses taco seasonings, cure and some meat binder if it would turn out desirable. Any recipes out there?? Thanks guys!
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Used to make taco jerky. Just added taco seasoning to the mix. Wasn't bad at all.
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sounds good let us know how it turs out
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A good chorizo recipe would fill this bill nicely. I should be able to find one somewhere if you'd like.
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If you would be so kind sir, that would be great. I had wondered about Chorizo myself. I would be looking at a 25# batch or smaller. Thanks Mulepackin'.
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Made some Sante FE from sausage makers, ok but real mild , not real impressed... gonna try chorizo next.
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Not sure what kind of meat you plan on using, but can use boned butts or butts, and venison or beef.

Chorizo 25#

7 oz. salt
8 oz. vinegar
4 oz. paprika
2 1/2 oz. ground hot pepper
2 oz. fresh garlic
1 1/2 oz. oregano
1 1/2 oz. coarse ground black pepper
1/2 lb. ice water
20 lbs. lean venison or beef
5 lbs. fat boned pork butt
(or 25# of boned pork butt)

Grind meat and/or butts through 1/4" plate. Mix spices thoroughly into meat. Stuff into hog casings. Let dry overnight in cool, dry place.

Obviously, a fresh sausage, so handle accordingly. Could also be produced as a bulk sausage, and used like ground beef in Mexican dishes, etc.
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thanks mule I have plenty but gonna snag that 1-few miles from mexico I love a good chorizo. sounds great
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Thanks Mulepackin...I plan on making it with venison and pork... I will give this a try!
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