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Fattie Rookie

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I'm itchin' to try the Fattie craze, but how long do you all smoke them? I'm gonna try one with canadian bacon, cheese, peppers, onions, and garlic, or I'm gonna try chili powder, chili beans, onions, cheese, peppers, etc. I'm thinking of making a smoked chili fattie....I think.
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Cook em till 160 internal.
You may want to try one plain just for kicks! wink.gif
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Interesting timing for this post, PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif

Actually, it should take 2-3 hours I would suspect depending on size. The key is to take the internal temp to 160 degrees.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.
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TIME............TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!.................L OLOLOL

just kidding..........

just make sure, with a fattie that is stuffed........you let it rest.........to the stuffing can set..........my first few, i cut open to soon, and the insides ran out............
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You should probably time it so you'll be preoccupied when it's time for the fatties to come out of the smoker. It's almost impossible to resist the temptation to just tear into that thing!
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I am with you huskersmokeman,
ever since i found this smf I have been spying on these fattie things.but it is easy to spy here these guys/gals give it up..(thanks folks) I have my smoker finished but time and weather has not allowed me to do any smoking as yet. and like you I have soooo many ideas as what to put in a fattie. just don't ask how long they take. or what time frame to get it done..
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The average 1lb chub 4 me is about 2 1/2hrs. Enteral temp is what you need tho, 160 and your golden. enjoy!!! One thing about a fatty your imagination is your only limitatation biggrin.gif .
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A 2 pound stuffed fatty taken to 162* with a smoker temp of 250* takes from 2 - 3 hours. Or, it takes a fatty as long as it takes a fatty to get to 162* as it takes. You can't go by time, it's all temp. Good luck!
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Thanks, guys........160 degrees, and throw away the kitchen timer. Got it. I sure appreciate all of the good advice. By the way, has anyone tried Indian spices in a fattie? I'm thinking curry might not be too bad a smoked flavor.

Thanks again for all the advice.
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I'm with bbq bubba on smoking some "plain" fatties. Almost every smoke I through one or two in right out of the wrapper. They're great for making sausage gravy to pour over some biscuits!!

I also usually take fatties up to about 170° rather than 160°. It was an accident the first time, but my wife likes it better because they are less greasy cuz more of the fat has cooked out.
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Welcome Huskerman, A New Neighbor, I live in Sioux City, Ia. A Fattie is as good as your imagination, Sausage, Peppers, Onions, Mushrooms, Hashbrowns, Cheese, Try what you would to add and pick out your favorite and keep making them
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my fav fattie is a combo pizza/wellington fatty..........yum
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my fav fatty is a fatty
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Heh Heh, sounds like I better get the excercise bike outta the basement...I think I'm gonna like this Fattie thing.icon_smile.gif
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Where should I stick the thermometer to get that internal temp? In the meat or the stuffing?

The meat just doesnt seem to be thick enough to get an accurate reading cause the probe would stick through.
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center of the fattie..........
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My favorite fatty is the one I can get to fastest!
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My favorite FATTIE is the one i just finished
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Never done a fatty yet, it's on the ta do list.
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aint never done a fatty yet either, that pizza one looks like cud be good, i was also thinkin of maybee a swiss mushroom and cheese, but wud almost need a sauce for that and aint figggered that out cept make it on the side
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