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Rotisserie is a smoker

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as i was cooking up an elk roast in my george forman rotisserie last night, pooring rain and high winds kept me inside. I got to thinking has anyone ever tried to put a rotisserie in the smoker??? Keep some of the less fat cuts of meat moist with self basting.
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Makes my butts dizzy !eek.gif
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Here's a link

This a pretty reputable style:-)
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Quite a few manufactures offer rotisseries on their smokers.
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Yeah like bubba said...most smokers offer an optional rotisserie. Or you can get a generic and make it fit. I was looking at them yesterday at HD.
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My CGSP has an optional Rotisseri available, I have it! I smoke a 10# turkey this last Thanksgiving on it. It turned out pretty damn good, and by the end of the night, nothing was left of it, just bare bones!
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Heck just think how Vegans Turkey felt when he was done!!! LOL

and see here I think i'm gona rotate the world and someone has beat me too it. Now to just figure out how to modify the GOSM to accept serveral rotisseries at once.
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Now THERE'S an idea worth really payin' attention to......I, for one, would be very interested in seeing this mod come to be!!

Keep us posted sparky!!

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