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Awsome, Thanks Steve. We got the the new bottom welded in and it makes it look 100% better. Thanks again for the info and i'll try to keep updating this thread as we go.

Again, thanks for all the help. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Nice project. Hope it all works out for you. I guess you know you will have to inculde your father in law in the cooking for all the weding he is doing.

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yeah, that is not a problem. They are usually involded in most of my smokes. They only thing is he doesn't like ribs. Says "they are to much trouble for the amount of meat you get." He hasn't had my ribs yet though. So maybe I can change that outlook.
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Alright, time for an update on the project. It is running now at least. I had to have it going for my daughters birthday party. We smoked 3 butts all covered in Jeff's rub. A rack of spare ribs also in Jeff's rub. Then I Just happened to have some fresh corn on the cob. On there also was a double batch of dutch's beans, another batch of Jeff's bbq sauce(smoked) about 30 ABTs, 10 hot dogs ... I think that was it.

Anyway the smoker did awsome. It keeps a constant temp 225-250. I only burned about 8-10 sticks of oak the whole day saturday. I had to start the butts saturday morning so we had to work into the night friday. We finished the fire box at 2am. whewww!! At least I learned how to weld again. 9th grade was the last time I did that.

Made 4 15" grates that span 5' of the 6' length. Added a baffle all the way down to make it reverse flow. (LOVE IT) It keeps the same temp all the way down. below are the after pics, you can see the before pics above. I will also include some pics of the fire box. My father-in-law came up with the idea for it. I'm glad he is a farmer. He had just about everything we needed in his field somewhere. We didn't have to buy anything but the expanded metal, a new hitch, and rope gasket. It is not completely finished. I still have to add a wood rack on the front, some fenders, lights, ect... also have to have it sandblasted and painted.

I'm sure I've left out a buch of stuff. so if you have questions - fire away. here are the pics.

ribs -also you can see the grates

Butts - extended the stack down to grate level

here is the corn butts and ribs

This is the overall view

Firebox - duh
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That's a great looking rig! I hope to get to see it in action some time? PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif Nice Q-view too.
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Awesome, I am glad she's smoking great and turning out great BBQ. Great Job. Can't wait to see it all blasted and finished up with your personal touches.

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Great job Boone! Q looks awsome. The rig may still be rough, but the finishing touches and some paint will create a thing of beauty.
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Thanks, yeah I can't want to get it sandblasted and painted. I've got a class reunion here in a month or two that I will be pulling it to. I hope to have it done by then. There will be more pics.

Steve, thanks for all the help and info on making it a reverse flow. I am still amazed at how well it works.
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Glad to see your up and smokin. Food looks great! Love to see the finished picks of that monster. Good Luck and Good Grub.
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great project will keep ya busy for awhile
take pics as you go along
when you're done ready to smoke party's at your house
i'll bring the beer
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Ok, I think it is finally finished.
After 2 years we found another trailer to transfer it to. We got the trailer for $40 from the local party line. It was a boat trailer and the tires that are on it are worth 40 each. So it was a pretty good deal. We cut out about 3 foot of the trailer just behind the the V down to the wheel wells to make it short enough. Man, it pulls so much better not that the weight has been moved to the back. Added a wood box on the front then had the whole thing painted. I do still have to add the lights and I have those aready. Here are a few pics, you can compare those to the originals. The good thing is we only spent about $300 on the whole thing. Most of the stuff we used was found out in my father-in-law's field.

So here they are.

From this:

to this:

I did build two more cooking grates to go inside. They still need to be seasoned.

Another one of the cooking grates.

It has been a long wait.
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Sweet! Talk about finding hidden treasure. Great job on the refurb!

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Thanks Marty!
I had a lot of help from my dad and the pop-in-law.
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ok, added a table to my smoker. My father in law keeps coming up with great ideas for this thing. I think he is liking this project.

here are some pics.

This is the travel position. There is an eye bolt that can be tightened or loosened to keep it in place. Also a bungie on the other side to keep pressure on it.

here is the open position. It can be locked in place here also. Actually it can be locked in any position.

We still have more we are going to do on it.

So stay tuned.
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Great deal and looks great too. Top notch refurb
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Wow   Sweet Idea on the table!!  God Job FIL!  Better keep his daughter around so he can keep the good Ideas rollin in!

Great lookin Rig!




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