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Not new but still learning.

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Hello all,
I have been following this site/forum for the last couple of months and have gotten some good ideas on smoking meat. I have been grilling meat for the past 15 years and am pretty good at it, so my friends say. I was given a Brinkman Charcoal smoke a couple of years ago but had a hard time keeping the heat down and still have smoke. I then bought a Brinkman electric smoker and added a wood chip pan so that I didn't throw the chipsa right on the element and that worked well except the only way to regulate the temp was to install a thermostatically controlled switch or unplug it in regular intervals, which I did the latter until the element burned out. I now have a Masterbuilt Electric Smokehouse I picked up at Cabela's and no longer have the heat regulation problem. I am still learning how much wood to put in it and how often. I have smoked salmon, whole turkeys and turkey breast in it and it has turned out fine. Tomorrow I will smoke my first corned beef brisket and hopefully I will have some good pastami afterwords. I let you know how it turns out.

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Welcome glad to have you
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Wylep, welcome. Hope you enjoy this site and all the smoking info availible to ya. again welcome.
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Welcome Wylep. Good luck with the brisket. I have been wanting to do one of those as well. I love a good reuben.
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Welcome to the site...........Glad your here..................
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welcome wylep............

i soaked my brisket for a couple days ahead of time.........helps remove alot of the salt.........MAN did it turn out fact.......just had the last of it last nite, in french dips......

you won't be disappointed

once again......welcome
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Welcome to the best smokin forum on the web. Alot of great info here and the people aren't so bad either....LOL. Don't forget to post some qview pics of your smokes. Take care....
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Welcome aboard, glad to have ya!
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Welcome to the forum Wylep...glad to have you here.
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Welcome to the forum! Lot's of good info here. Keith
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welcome to smf wylep, keep us posted on your expieriences with that mes. have a great time here!!!
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Update: Smoked store bought corned beef (Pastrami)

Hi everyone,
Thanks for the welcome responses.
I smoked my first store bought corned beef brisket last Friday, it took about 8 hours. I thought it looked fabulous so I sliced about 1/2 LBS before my slicer quit on me, made a wonderful sandwich and put the rest in the fridge over night. My wife went to make a sandwich the next day and started slicing it with a knife and thought it was to fatty, it did look like there was more fat after sitting in the fridge over night. There is a small delicatessen in Phoenix, Arizona that has the best pastrami I ever had and this rivaled it, as far as taste. Is there a better brand of corned beef that is less fatty so that my wife can enjoy it too? I did the water soak for 24 hrs and then put a rub on it and refrigerated it for 24 more hours and then smoked it. The Masterbuilt smoker worked perfectly, added just a small handful of apple chips about every half hour and I bought a remote temperature gauge to track the internal temperature. I am going to do it again!

I appreciate any suggestions or comments you have.

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