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Newbie form Wyoming

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Hey All,
Im living out here in Laramie, Wyoming. Went to school out here, threw a little hammer for the track team. I do a lot of fishing hard water and soft. I want to get into smoking because some of my fondest memories when i was a kid was sitting around my grandpas smoke house waiting for the first chunk of spring chinook to come out. (i used to live in washington)
Any way i have a good comercial oven that i want to convert into a smoker as a project this summer. I started a thread already in general discussion and have had some helpfull replies.
Thanks a Bunch,
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Hullo Zack. Glad you found SMF. You ALSO found one of the most extensive databases and amazing "live support" sites in the world :{) Enjoy!
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Welcome to the forum! I happen to know you have some excellent walleye lakes there. Should be great on the smoker. wink.gif
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Welcome Zack, glad to have you aboard.
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Welcome aboard Zack.............Great place here................
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Welcome to the forum Zack. Make sure you take lots of pics with the progress on the smoker.
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Welcome Zack

Welcome to the smf Zack. Great people here with tons of knowledge.

Happy Smokin

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Zack, welcome aboard. The SMF is the best site on the web bar none. All kind of knowledge and help in here it will blow your mind.. Glad you are here..
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Welcome to the SMF!!
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