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I'm trying to figure out the best place/method to put the wood in my ECB electic smoker. My last smoke I put a rack above the element and put the chips in a smoker box. I quickly learned that was not the going to work so i just put some next to the element. Is that the best way or am i missing something.
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Id set it right on the element. good luck
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you could always try putting your chips in a foil pack...............
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Setting them on the element usually ignites the wood pretty fast...

They should go next to the element on the lava rocks, if you don't have rocks, the unit should have a pan!
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Wood, element, hmmmm FIRE.. Foil or pan will solve this.

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I have a pan that sits right on top of my element, foil pack chunks, drop it on the pan, and the TBS works its magic... never had a prob yet.
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I have a ECB with a hotplate-put a shallow can of chips off to 1 side as not to rob the heat-works great.and ya I also added lava rocks under and around.
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