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new here

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hey, im new to the site and new to smokin, so, due to the lack of good bbq here in southern nh i decided to try it myself, first the smoker, i didn't have one, after reading all the modifications done to the cheap ones at the hardware store i decided to build it myself. besides cooking i also love building. so i took the idea of the trashcan smoker and redesigned my own. i didn't like the hot plate idea, seen too much electrical failure as a former mechanic. i just didn't feel right with propane, so i worked with lump heating a wood chip box with a liquid bowl over that. i fired it up yesterday, to my surprise it hit 300 in no time, i knew that was too for smokin but i wanted to season it and see what it could do. my first real attempt is gona be this weekend, ive got some babybacks and turkey legs. wish me luck.
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welcome to smf, lotsa help here!!!
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Alllrighty then! Chutzpah! I like the attitude...Welcome to SMF and we got yer back!
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Welcome to the forum and let us know how the trash can turns out with its first smoke. qview would be great.
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Welcome to SMF! Pretty cool you have both the mechanical, and building skills to make one killer smokin' rig!

Glad to have you here!
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Hey Padfoot,

We informally met in the last post, but hey----WELCOME!!!!!
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Another welcome from me too. Glad ya got down here before the rath of "RICHTEE" got ahold of ya!PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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From one newb to another Welcome aboard. The people here are awesome and have alot of knowledge. Ask away with the questions they will answer all of them the best they can.

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Welcome to SMF! Sounds like a great smoker you have there. Make sure you include some Qview as you go along. Keith
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Welcome to the site..............Glad you found us...........
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Welcome pad...enjoy your time here!!!
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