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Boston Butt

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Picked up a 4.5# butt (2 actually) at Safeway yesterday, since they were half off.. Threw a rub on it last night.. Not real sure what it is.. Thought it was magic dust, but found what I thought was my magic dust recipe and my rub and the recipe didnt match.. Whatever.. Set it in the fridge overnight and injected it this morning.. Got a new toy yesterday, Maverick dual probe (meat and grill) digi thermo w/ wireless readout.. Timeline thus far is below:

3:16 - Meat on
3:16 - Smoker Temp 232 Meat Temp 56
Opened Lid Put smoker on Temp dropped to 212
4:16 - Meat Temp 81
4:44 - Meat Temp 101
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part of the reason most of us document all our recipes and smokes-good luck on the butt-q view or it didn't happen.
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you are well on your way crackhead...keep us posted and snap a few pics next time you open the lid!!!
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Well, sounds like you're on the the right path. Remember everytime you open the lid, you are proably adding at least another 15 minutes to the smoke overall.

You also probably know this but the butts are going to plateau and since you have two in there, don't expect both to plateau at the same temp.

Good luck and let us know how it finishes.
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Good luck, crackhead! I'm anxious to know how your dual-probe thermometer worked out. Need to get one as I'm opening the lid too much to check the temp on my manual gauge.
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I only threw one in there.. The other one is in the freezer..
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Good luck on that butt! Besure and post some q-view!
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Good luck Crackhead. Post q-view when you get time.

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4:56 - Meat temp 108
Apple Juice
Spray w/ Apple Juice

6:15 - Meat Temp 138
Smoker Temp 221

Looking good
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I got a real freaky feeling replying to a post by someone named "crackhead"! Oh crap, I just did!eek.gif
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Yeah, thats right.. Feel the power of the crackhead...
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OMG, how am I gonna sleep now!PDT_Armataz_01_13.gif
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Meat Temp 156 in foil

Meat temp 192

Let it sit for an our or so in the foil..

Pulled it and threw it down my throat hole.. Good to go..

Pics soon..
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