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Turkey Thighs

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Im going to try some Turkey Thighs...just ondering about how long this would take..What temp for smoker...and what internal temp to take them to.
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How long? HOW LONG?!?!

Keep the smoker up there for poultry, maybe 250-300 ish. Take all poultry to 170 min. I like mine round 180-190.

Brining is a good thing, altho with thighs you probably won't have an issue with moistness. Breasts are another ballgame tho.
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LOL, I was wonderin if you seen the post!

We need to get you a hat with a watch on it, inside a red circle w/a slash through it!

And.................a picture of the "mad hunky" standing there stearnly pointing to the"roll call" section!
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Thanks...LOL...Im sure you get asked the same questions over and over...I just couldnt find the answer
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My pleasure :{)
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Brine em, then toss them in the smoker till the hit 170*. As for time, it takes a turkey thigh however long it takes a turkey thigh to get to 170*. I would (like rich said) smoke in the 250* to 300* range. Give em a spritz every now and again (bout every hour). Good luck.
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They turned out GREAT...I took them to about 180 however...but they were still GREAT. Thanks so much for all the help...Im starting to really get into this!
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LOL...180's OK. Thighs have alot more latitude. A breast, like I a bit more persnickety. We'll discuss brining and foiling and injecting then.

Congrats..and Q-view!?!?

PS check out the NEW TIME thread hahahaha!
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No pics......never happened!! wink.gif
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Glad to hear they turned out for you you're hooked!biggrin.gif
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yep, glad to here it turned out for ya.
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