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Smokin Okie reporting in

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Met a few of the SMF gang at the Stillwater Contest and they invited me to drop by.

I'm not new to Smokin' been doing it in some fashion since the 1960's when we bought brisket for 10 cents a pound, cooked it at 180 (although we didn't have a thermometer).

I've gone through a number of the smokers out there, but currently own 3 FEC 100's. I'm the non-paid moderator of the Cookshack Forum, got drafted into that position because I love to talk Q. I was previously a member of the National BBQ Association Board of Directors and taught competition classes at the national convention.

I'll be dropping by mainly for the Competition threads, that's pretty much my free time for the next few months. trying to get in some practice before a $50,000 contest in AR next month. Did okay in Stillwater last week, 12th overall (with a BAD brisket score) so hope to do better this weekend at Enid.

I'm also a Retired Air Force Lt. Colonel, so drop and gimme 20 pushups

If you have any comp questions, let me know. I'm also a certified Table Captain and Judge

(the Original Smokin' Okie)
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Thanks for joining the ranks here at the SMF. You'll get plenty of feedback from other members who like to compete.
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Welcome aboard Russ, glad to have ya!!!
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Welcome to the forum, and I'll give ya 20 if you join me :{)
Sonds like the 5 day ecourse is prolly a little basic for you... grin.

Enjoy and realize there's many other areas of expertise here beyond meat.
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Welcome Russ, glad you joined us. I'm sure your experience will be a welcome addition to the discussion here.

[Hands in diamond formation, feet elevated on desk]
one, two, three... one
one, two, three... two
one, two, three... three
one, two, three...

Anyone else?

Airborne Infantry... everything we did was some sort of PT. biggrin.gif
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Welcome to the forum.

71 ACS '93-'96
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Nice to meet you, sir. Welcome!
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Welcome to our little corner of the 'net, Colonel. (Insert snappy salute here). Former USAF SSgt, here. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Welcome to SMF. Can't wait to hear some of your experiences from behind the table. Sorry, can't do push ups any more. Bad knee.
Did my share in the USN. 94-2000. Petty Officer Second Class. Medical discharge.
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Hey russ, Glad to see ya joined us.

All in all it was great weekend and I had a great time.
It was a pleasure to meet you and stuart!
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Glad you joined us, welcome to SMF and good luck to you this weekend !!!
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Welcome to the site!

Another airborne infantry man here!
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Welcome, but I'm confused, your not the same Smokin Okie of the infamous seared brisket method I love so well? Uh Sir that is???
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Allrite then, was my bad, SmokyOkie and now Smokin Okie. Can't imagine why I found that confusing.Welcome anyway Sir, I'm in Texas I should have figured as much commin from all y'all in Oklahoma.
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welcome, lots of super helpful folks here.
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Hiya, Russ. Glad you stopped by. It was a treat to meet you last weekend. I hope to see you at another event.

Are you sure it's alright for us to borrow that FEC? biggrin.gif
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Welcome aboard..........Great to have you here and hear about your smoking experiences........
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