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Happy Birthday, Cheech!

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Ya old bugger...welcome to the 40+ club, baybay!

PS: T'ain't all that bad, BTW! Enjoy!
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Happy Birthday Cheech, Keep the wind to your back and the smoke out of your eyes!

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Happy birthday cheech.................Hope you have a great day of smoking................
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Happy Birthday Cheech, may your day be filled with the smoke of your choice!
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Happy Birthday! Besure to enjoy your special day!
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Happy Birthday Buster. Hope it's the best yet.
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Happy B-Day and many more to come.
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happy b-day from mn!!!!
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY from a fellow membericon_smile.gif these thing's come too dang fast now-aday's dont they.......remember how long it took to be 18....
and then it was like ten more years to turn 21 !! now we try and swat
the calendar away like it's a bug of sorts creepin up on enjoy your day my friend !!
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hope your b-day is a good one!!!
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Happy b-day cheech-hope was a good 1.
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Happy belated Cheech!!! The big 4-0.
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AARP is just a couple more winters away!eek.gif

Happy B-day!
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Many Smoky Returns of the Day!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Happy Birthday Cheech!! Hope It's a great one!!!biggrin.gif
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Happy Birthday ...
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Belated Happy Birthday! smile.gif
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Thanks, sorry for the late reply I was out of town and did not have an internet connection. Took off for warmer weather for a much needed get away. Thanks for the wishes given to this ole duffer
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