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Smokin in the rain

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My name is Steve and I live in the perpetually green, wet and moldy Pacific NW. I smoke in the rain under a blue tarp if necessary and that makes me an authentic northwesterner, I suppose. I bought a brinkman water smoker at Lowes a couple of summers ago and have had some good and bad expiriments with it. Good--Turkey and Pork ribs, bad--beef brisket. I found this forum online and joined to get some tips and learn more about smoking great food. I am newer to this online world and forums than smoking so please cut me a break if I don't quite do things right at first. Thanks!
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Welcome to the SMF, the best place to anchor yourself for some good and tasty smokes.
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Welcome to the forum Steve! Looking forward to your input and
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Welcome aboard Steve, glad to have ya!!! Dive right in and lets get smokin'
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Welcome to the forum Steve. We have all had a piece the not so good pie. But thats why we are all here. To help others and ourselves improve. This place is a gold mine of knowledge. Enjoy it.
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Welcome! I must say, even though you don't make it sound romantic, I'm jealous of your locale! I live in the flatlands of IL- We have a river, but no real excitement otherwise.

My wife and I were married at a lighthouse, and you have some fantastic ones up there- Plus, you have BIGFOOT!!

As far as smoking goes, I'm a newbie too, and these guys on this forum are a real class act. Top notch, ALL of them.
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welcome to smf steve, tips ur lookin for u say, ask a question and u be surprised what will result, i been around for about only 2 months and also dont know much puter stuff but this place is great, share some smokes
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Thanks for the welcome!

Thanks to everyone for the great welcome. Spring is coming and I might be able to come out from the blue tarp soon. I look forward to gathering tips from this site, from you all, and sharing my successes and failures. To STFRon in Illinois, if I ever bag get so lucky as to bag a bigfoot on any trips in the Cascades, I'll be sure to let you know what rubs work best for smoking secretive apes.
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Dude, I was laughing so hard when I read that, I almost choked on my tongue. "Secretive apes"... now THAT'S FUNNY!

Welcome aboard!PDT_Armataz_01_11.gif
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welcome steve, your in the right place, lots of good & knowledgable folks here.
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Welcome aboard...........Glad you hitched you dingy to our ship...............
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