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Another noob...with a question

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Just wanted to say hello and ask a quick question.

First, my name is Jim and I'm from Belleville, IL ( a suburb of St Louis, MO). I typically spend at least one weekend day out on the deck making some Bar-B-Q (not counting the winter months). My current grill is the Brinkmann Professional Dual Zone (some photos are posted here: ). It has served me well the last few years and is the best grill I've ever owned. I've tried using it twice for smoking a brisket, and while I had good results (at least the meat was very tasty and everyone enjoyed it), it doesn't function well as a smoker. It is hard to control the temp and it isn't very efficient. Which brings me to my question. I plan on getting a smoker (hopefully within the next week) and I was just wanting to get a everyones opinions on my choices. I originally tried to get the Brinkmann Smoke 'N Pit from Wal-Mart, but they were out of stock. It had decent reviews and a few shortcummings that I was aware of, but for the price and because of the brand name, I was gonna give it a shot. I have since changed my mind, since it is out of stock locally, the shipping charge eliminates the bargain status. So my current choices are the Char-Griller Smokin Pro 830 ( ) or the Char-Broil Silver Smoker ( ). I'm leaning towards the Smokin Pro. What do you guys think?
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OddBall... The guy is a FREAK!

Edit: I don't guess everyone would get that line, and since it sounds like I'm being a little abrasive... it is from Kelly's Heros. A funny movie that many have surely seen, and I kind of assumed that OddBall might have got his name from the show. Anyhow...

Welcome OddBall! I have only used the SnP, so I can't really make a recommendation for ya. I do know that I like mine, but I'm sure there are several solid performers out there. Good luck, and glad to see ya.
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I have the CG and enjoy it very much.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Good movie! And Donald Sutherland was perfectly cast!

Welcome Oddball. Not familiar with them smokers, but wanted to welcome ya anyway!
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welcome to SMF-and yup some wine-cheese & sun-oh and a sherman!
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Hey enough with the negitive waves. The bridge wil be there biggrin.gif l
Welcome to the board wink.gif
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Welcome to the forum. I know nothing about those smokers, so I cannot help you there.
But glad you found the forum.
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Welcome aboard...........If you have a menards in your area they just had the char-griller I think it was the pro on sale for 87 buck without the sfb, but the sfb is only 49 bucks from them............Just thought I would let you know might be able to save a few bucks..........
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Welcome to the forum!smile.gif
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Welcome to the SMF, you're in for a great time. Don't be in too much of a rush in getting your smoker, take the time and do some research. Long term... you might end up changing/adding another smoker as most of us do. It's all good.
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welcome to smf, i am sure which ever one you choose it will put out some food you will be proud of!!!
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