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anyone have a vacUpack?

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My parents just dropped off a VacUpack system that they no longer use... it seems to be missing a couple pieces and doesn't appear to be making vacuum anymore, probably because it's been sitting around for years and the seals are dried out. I went to the companies website ( and it looks like they encourage people to try and fix them, and some of the parts I am missing are available on the website, but some are not listed.

So I'm wondering if anyone has one of these and if they're worth tearing into to try and fix?
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as far as I can tell they still make 'em... new ones online range from $250 to $289 bucks.
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maybe try using a bit of veg oil on the gaskets?

i remember, and STILL have the old coleman laterns with the leather pumps......they would dry out.........put a lil oil from the dipstick.......werked it in abit.......presto.......i could get pressure..........
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I have a FoodSaver and it's never worked very well to me. The bags never seal 100% Maybe 99.99% because the look good but when I look at then a week later they lost their vacuum.
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I use a foodsaver and love it. Never had a sealing issue.

I would say its well worth the time to fix if it doesn't end up costing you too much. Vacuum sealed stuff lasts forever in the freeze.
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I had one like that but it was getting older. I bought a new one and it works great.
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bought one last year to upgrade from foodsaver, AAAAA+++++ parts may still be avail for your old one ck out the add on ebay for c/s number
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VacUpack Vacuum Sealer

We have used a Vacupack for 10 years. You can get it fixed from this web site or at least get ahold of someone who knows.
Our friends have burned out 3 Foodsavers from various stores in the time we have owned our VacUpack. It has been well worth the investment for us buying the Vacupack. We got one for our kids last year and it is exactly the same as ours. I think it would be worth looking into getting it fixed.

Good luck with yours PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I do fix Vacupacks

I have been selling and servicing Vacupack and other brands of vacuumpackers for more than 25 years. The vacupack machines do not die with out some serious use and with very few exceptions can be repaired. They are not a complcated machine and a phillips screw driver and a nut driver are the only tools required. The site has basic parts and if you need help it is what I do and I do have ALL the parts. I have to get out to the smoker and pull the roast out I put in last night so if I dont answer the phone you will know where I am.PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
Good luck
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mr. need to head on over to roll call, and introduce long you been smoking.....kind of smoker, etc.

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I bought a vacupack ayear ago and it works like a charm.
I never regret buying one for the house.
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