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That turned out great. Good work.
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I used Rust-oleum Specialty High Heat paint, color Bar-B-Q Black. Got it from Sherwin Williams. I rolled it on where I could and used a brush to get in the tight spots. I sure coulda used a paint booth...woulda been a lot easier.
After I wire wheeled all the rust off I cleaned it up with some stuff called The Must for Rust, made by Krud Kutter. That stuff works pretty good but it will burn your nose hairs off.
Thanks everybody for the compliments, and thank you dude for the points.
Now who wants to buy 3/4 of a can of high temp paint for half price?
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Sure looks like it was done in a spray booth, you must of used dense foam rollers. Real nice, Points for ya buddy!!

I will give a call to Arron at my local Sherwin Williams(do a lot house stuff with them) since your leftover paint might cost a bit to ship from Texas!!!

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Yep I used a foam roller. I was a little surprised at how good it looked. I think you're right, shipping paint to Maine would cost an arm & a leg, plus I think there might be laws against that. Cause if the lid popped off there would be a hell of a mess. LOL... talk about going postal. Thank you for the points. I just now figured out how to give points.icon_idea.gif
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Great looking rig............Nice job................
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My Gawd! Is that a Maverick in the photo?!?
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Smoker looks fantastic! I'd say keep the extra paint around for touch-ups and such, don't get rid of it.
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Wow, talk about your before and after pics. The finished product looks awesome!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

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Thank you Kookie.
Yes sir, that is a 1973 Maverick.....still runs like a bat out of hell too.
Thanks SmokeWatcher. Good idea....I was gonna keep it anyhow. I was just being funny cause the paint was so darn expensive at $52+tax for 1 gal. Heck I painted my entire house for $100.
Thanks DD!! I sure am proud of it. I just hope the rain holds out so I can use it soon.
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Great lookin project results, wish I had the tools/skills! I tried to give you a sprinklin' of points, but seems that I have given out too many in the last 24 hours.
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Thank you Seboke...its the thought that counts anyways.
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Nice job, point for you too, nice effort!
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Yes - Pooooints for you. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif I just hope mine turns out this good after the rebuild. Wow.
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Very nice job. Yes, keep the paint around. The firebox gets up way over 1000 degrees and the stuff will flake off after a few smokes, especially the front of it near the smoke chamber and the top of it.

Got yourself a nice rig now. Welcome to the world of cutting wood in your spare time! Take your time learnin the smoker, and what it wants. You will be rewarded nicely.

I had a 73 maverick growing up. it was my second car, inline 6, what a wonderful inexpensive way to get around. Drove it to the junkyard stuck in first gear, and drove it into the pile of cars( I was young then) It had 297.000 miles on it, same engine, just had to replace the cam at 145K.
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Thank you Jimbo!
Thank you too jbg. Your smoker definitely has potential. I know it will turn out nice.
297,000 miles? WOW....they sure knew how to build them back then. This one has an inline 6 too with only 60,000 miles on it. You should see under the still looks new. I just have to get the body work done cause my wife really wants to drive it.
I hear ya on chopping wood...Ive been doing that already in my spare time. Its a pain in the butt. Im trying to get enough chopped now so I wont have to chop for awhile.
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