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wd, I'm all for keeping it simple. I'm all for not giving incorrect info though. We'll get him up to speed soon. Why say one thing now, and then tell him something different later? You and I both know it's possible to do the proper probe placement, it's just not the recommended way to do it.
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sorry kev.......didn't know i was giving incorrect info.....but to me......ribs is a see/feel we was trying to tell him........ribs wasn't the best first ever a butt.......more forgiving......

to me.......ribs always looked the easiest........till i tried to do em years ago.........i got lucky once in a while way back when.........but took several efforts........but my first butt.........never did one till i came here....was excellant......cause it was easy.......before i found here, it was ribs......chicken.......pork rib.....( that was a butthole puckered of a first time doing it......lotta bux i could of ruint)

just trying to give mick summin to get some confidence..........

sorry for the long discourse..........all in all..........its ALL good
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hello aussiemick based in Northeast Oklahoma...

i thought u actually might be living down here in australia with me so was going to ask you if you kno of any places other than bbq galore where you can buy smoking wood.

but i guess thats thrown out the window.... ur name tricked me
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What part of sydney are you in? I lived in sydney for 19 years and still have family in sydney and west oz.

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all input on this thread is correct in one way or another, need not debate about the temp probe are just opinions by fellow smokers who have found success in there own ways. my push on this is it took me 3 to 4 trys before i started to get what i considered to be acceptable product. and even after that you are still trying to do it better. i am my biggest critic as prob we all are. for this to be your first try or two and from a looks stand point they sure look ok. maybe they were tuff but you will work on that as you get to know your equipment, temp and smoke management, and just plain expierience. next time you will be working on what you didnt like on this goround. keep it up!!!
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I've done alot of ribs and it just takes time to get the results you're looking for. They'll get better every time you try them. Eventually every time you tell people your smoking ribs they'll invite themselves. That's what happens here. Just hang in there it will get better.

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They look great to me Mick. IMHO I like to worry the meat off the bone.
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Hey Mick, nice ribs!

I've got that same thermometer and love it! I don't use it for ribs though. My personal thought on ribs is, let them pull back from the bone a bit, you can tell/see it when it happens. Once there is somewhere around 1/2 inch of bone showing then you should be pretty good to go. All ribs are different, so don't plan on a set "eating time".

Personally, I'm not fond of really moist ribs. Nothing real dry, I just kind of like a rib that barely takes a bit of bite to pull off the bone. I don't ever wrap mine, just keep 'em low and slow, wait for 'em to pull back from the bone some and you should be good to go. Those do look line fine ribs though, good job!

P.S. - Did you find some lump charcoal?
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