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Pizza Fatty and some ABT's

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Came with this idea for a "Pizza Fatty" right after I finished my first 2 fattys (Phyilly Phatty and Brakfast Fatty) and posted the q-view. This one is made of Jimmy Dean Italian Sausage and filled with Pepperoni, Tomato Paste(seasoned with Oregeno, Basil, and Minced Garlic), Mushrooms, Onion, and Mozzerella cheese. It took about 4 hours to cook and turned out GREAT!!! You really need to try it.

I also made some ABT's (My first ones). They are filled with cream cheese, and a chunk of cheddar and of course wrapped in bacon. They turned out awsome! Gonna do more in the future. Hope you enjoy the q-view!

I also smoked a Brisket Satuday night (Over-night Brisket Smoke (13Lbs) thread)

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Nicley done, VB! I love the pizza fatty idea. I think I'll try one next weekend when I have the kids.

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Yah, of all the fatties I've seen I think that's probably the best one and I'll have to give that a shot for my next smoke. Also, do the peppers get milder or hotter when you smoke them? I'd love to try that but I think I'm the only one who'd be eating them cause my wife doesn't like real hot foods.
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I think the the peppers' hottness depends upon its size and prep. First, if you hallow out the middle and get rid of all the seeds, it will kill some of the heat. As far as my theary on size. I had 3 ABT's while smoking my Brisket and two were the bigger one (no heat at all) the third, was the last one I ate for the night. It was a smaller one and I was running for the beer.
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Maybe I'll try some Anaheims or Pablano's for the wife. ;)
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