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Hope I pass the test!(Q-view)

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Well today was beautiful and as promised in my hello post this ain't my first rodeo!240degrees ,and about 6 and a half hours later the best turkey yet.Gotta thank my brother for the new brine but all in all we think the secret is the cup(yes one cup )of herb butter under the skin.Perfect crispy and shot juices every where even after the 30 min rest time.

First the weapon........

The secret good luck charm....

My biggest fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Couple of hours in.....

The finished Q............YUMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Served up with some cornbread dressing,gravy,and fried apples.Wish yall were here me and my dog are fighting over the last bits!
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cb.........for one........that lil cutie passed the test..........wink.gif

but what was that bird puking out the backend?

nice crispy looking skin dude.............and who or the dog

i would say you passed the test......BIG time

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Looks damn good..............I give you an A+......... The little one is a cutie............
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Thanks all

that cutie would be miss Cara,

and that (puke lol)is 1 orange 1 lime 1 lemon a handfull of rosemary and thyme(courtesy of the old herb garden!
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Ohh and me and Diamond are sittin face to face lookin at the last niblet.....Being she's a 100 pound rotty (and my precious other baby)I think I'll give in......yep there it goes!eek.gif
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Yumm OH! that boyd looks awesome! I gotta get me one of dem piggy lucky charms.
Great pics, and thread. That lil sweety looks like she has the patience to be a future BBQ queen!

Nice job. It's rare for me to deal out points to newbies with just a couple posts, but dang it all, I think you deserve some!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Thanks capt.I may be new to this forum but my hearts been here a long time!Great to find such a place and I'm already so full of new ideas I don't know what to do!!!!!
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A+ from here. And yes indeed, Miss Cara is a cutie.biggrin.gif
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Nice! Like your rosemary & thyme too eh? Can't be beat on poultry!
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Awesome looking bird. Very cute baby.! And I love the pig.
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Excellent looking birdie! I could smell it cooking clear over here PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif Keith
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Nice bird! And that is a cute kid, start em out young that's what I say! Excellent work, bet it tasted good too!
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PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif on all accounts!
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Once again thanks all.And oh yeah it was delicious!!
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That's one darn good looking turkey, I've never done a turkey. I have one left in the freezer and after seeing yours I think you just gave me the final push to smoke it. At that temp. did the skin turn out crispy? I think I'll get it out of the freezer tomorrow, and as soon as it's thawed out I'm on my way. Thanks again for the push and once again NICE LOOKING TURKEY!!
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Yeah it was real rispy! but put plenty o' butter under the skin for cookin' then when you think your almost done hit it with all the heat you can for a few minutes.May not be what actually works for me but it's what I do!
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Awesome job on the bird. Wondered what was in the turkey til I read further up in the posts. WTG.
The cutie is a keeper too...
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Well the brine my brother used had cranberry and apple so I figured citrus and the standby's rosemary and thyme.The flavors were subtle but there.It's a keeper!
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