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New from Wisconsin

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I'm new to smoking, having only done some hot grill smoking. I don't have a smoker yet but I hunt, ALOT, and fish some, raise poultry and have a large garden. I'll have plenty to smoke this year so I'm here to research and ask questions.
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Well welcome aboard and feel free to ask away and take the 5day ecourse and read the posts, lots of great people and info here..............
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Dreaming, welcome to the SMF Family! This is the perfect site for your research and before you know it, you'll own your own smoker and will be conducting your first smoke!

Good luck - and welcome!
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welcome aboard. Depends on what you are looking for. set it and minimal tending? MES, enjoy the time needed to tend a full blown stick burner? several options. I have from one extreame to the other and enjoy them ALL.
again glad to have you @ SMF, lots of great people and advise.

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agree with law dog as far as type of smoker, if you buying a store bought like gosm or mes dont get a down sized model. you will wish before long you had the larger ones. welcome to smf!!!
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sheesh they beat me to it-seems your covered-glad to have part of the group-happy smoking.
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Welcome to the forum! It's always good to have more hunters here. Also, hunters need smokers. You won't believe how good smoked venison is.
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Welcome to the SMF!! Used to live in upper Illinois and spent alot of weekends camping, playing hockey and fishing in Wis.
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For starters, I would probably go with a gasser, like a GOSM or similar. Easy to use and give good smokin results. Then as you gain experience and some confidence you can move into the stick burners. Not saying you can't start out with a stick burner, but the gasser is a little easier to use from a time standpoint. I'll get flamed by a few of my stick burnin friends for that recommendation, but it's just my opinion.

Besure and ask questions, lots of knowledge here shared by good folks.
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There is quite a bit to learn, but its not too hard. I agree with Trav, I have a cold smokehouse and a gosm. The gosm is easier in the sense that it doesn't need constant attention. But my 2 + Trav's 2 = 4 cents LOL.
Hope this helps.
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