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Another Missouri SMF Newbie

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Howdy all,

Another Missourian here. I've been a gas griller for about 10 years (sacrelidge, yes I know) and have had the same gas grill for as long. I had been wanting to get another grill. I was initially planning on going with another gas grill. After having shopped around a bit, and doing a little internet research, I began to realize that it was going to be difficult to get a gas grill that had all the features and quality I was wanting for the amount of money I was comfortable spending. Because of this and my desire to explore a whole new (to me) dimension in grilling/smoking/BBQing I began to look at Charcoal Grills and specifically the Char-Griller Super Pro and Side Firebox. I came across SMF as I was researching information on this product. What I found on SMF and some other forums inspired me to purchase this set up. As of today, I am now the proud owner of Char-Griller Super Pro and Side Firebox. The only downside is that after putting together the setup, I noticed the door on the sfb does not lay completely flush. On the right side, there is probably a 1/8th to 1/4 inch gap. Has anyone else had this problem? Is there a good solution. Thanks in advance for any assistance. I look forward to continuing my education here on SMF.
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Hia Ridge..Welcome to SMF! Hmm I don't know that smoker...but think a good hearty twist of the door might help?

We're here to help ya, and this place will get you to great Q ASAP!
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Welcome to the smf...............I also am a char-griller owner......I just got mine and haven't used it yet...........I have the char-griller gass grill and I added the sfb to it..........So the best of both worlds I hope.............I know their are alot of mods for the char-grillers on here, do a search and you will find them..........I know alot of owners add rope gasket to seal up their units.............
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Welcome aboard, glad to have ya!
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I had the very same problem when I first assembled my Char-Griller Super Pro,... I was very frustrated and wanted to send the smoker back,.. then I loosened the four bolts in the main body that connects to the legs and all was solved,.. I then tightened them up a bit and all fit very flush,.. Hope this helps,.. good to know you're out there,... Rick
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cool,sounds like maybe a quick painless fix-hope it helps u too-1 of the many things I like about this site is quick knowlageble answers-glad to have u with us Ridge
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Thanks for the warm welcome all. It looks like I am one of many joining up.

Ikeart, Thanks for the advice. I was originally referring to the lid on the side fire box that was not closing properly. However, after reading your post, I noticed that the main lid is out of kilter some. I plan on trying your idea. I don't mind tweaking a little. Actually, it's enjoyable getting something working just the way you want it. From what I have seen there are a lot of useful mods for this grill that folks have come up with. As for the door on the sfb, I decided it was beyond needing a little adjustment. I exchanged it for another sfb. The door on this one has a much better fit. I will, however, need to do something to the ash pan on this new firebox as the bottom of the ash pan sidewall doesn't quite fit flush against the side of the sfb. I believe this is due to the pan not sitting quite level. I am confident this will only take a minor fix on my part. All in all, I am very excited about my new grill/smoker. biggrin.gif
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Hey Ridgerunner it seems alot of us Missourians joined up all at once. This place is great. I've been a member for only a few days and have all of my questions answered. Hope you enjoy this place as much as I am so far.
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Thanks, Leviathan. It's great to see all us 'neighbors' joining up at the same time. Finding this forum in part helped make my decision on what grill/smoker to buy. I am somewhat new to the charcoal scene so I am glad to find such a friendly and helpful forum. I look forward to seeing you around the forum and swapping bbq stories.
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cool, don't that just bring a tear to your eye? I love this place. thanks all!
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I missed the welcome wagon. Welcome to SMF Ridgerunner. Glad to have another Missouri smoker on board. If you have any questions be sure to ask.
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Welcome, Ridge, from another Missouri guy.
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Welcome from another Missouri smoker! Ridgerunner, Ozarks? I'm an old Ozark hillbilly myself, and proud of it!
I've got the C-G SFB and the door on mine lays flat. Does not seal well, but lays flat.
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Welcome to the SMF Ridgerunner!!
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I done as richtee suggested, although i only had around an 1/8" gap, but it did close it up more.

[quote=Richtee;176091]Hia Ridge..Welcome to SMF! Hmm I don't know that smoker...but think a good hearty twist of the door might help?

Also i put half a paving brick on the handle and that got it down the rest of the way. Not the prettiest thing but it works PDT_Armataz_01_26.gif .
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Welcome to the forums!
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Welcome nother Missourian here !
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