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Lot's O Ribs

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I am taking the GOSM on her maiden voyage today with 4 racks of trimmed spares and maybe later a 18# bird before i deep fry it..Today is my NaNas 85th birthday and she wanted a deep fried turkey and i figured i'd throw on the ribs for good measure. the ribs are rubbed with bone dust and will be smoked with hickory. here they are on the table letting off the chill till charlie comes to temp
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Sounds like it's gonna be a tastey party! Keep us posted!
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Cool...man...hope I'm up for ribs and fried turkey at 85!

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Sounds good. Can't wait for the "Q-VIEW"
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LOL I hope I still have teeth at 85!!
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Did I understand that youre gonna smoke the bird and then fry it?

Dont know if thats what you meant but it sounds great.
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yes gonna smoke it for about 2-3 hours then stick it in the fryer

man i'm likin' this GOSM wide body 4 racks of spares and a 18# turkey and still have room for more...i see i have some leakage issuses at the seams but that shouldn't be to hard to take care of..have it set between med and low and the temp is staying around 230 this thing has some awsome heat control. might have to do a smoke box mod but i'll have to do a few more smoke to find out. can't wait to do a butt or a brisket
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cool beans, sounds like a great b-day party-Happy Birthday from us at SMF na na!
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just foiled them and put in the turkey.. sorry didn't get pics but will later made a glaze from Real maple syrup, butter, dijon mustard and pecans looks awfully tasty. like i said i will take some pics after while
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Wow, that glaze sounds good! I use real maple syrup on my fatty's sure is good stuff!
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almost there

here are a few pics..the ribs are doing GGGGGRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEAAAAAAATTTTTTTTT and the glaze looks and smells awesome. put the turkey in the fryer and since it was smoked for a couple of hours there was hardly any spattering due to no moisture and the internal temp was higher too..oh yeah i'll be glazing the turkey too when it comes out... hope to get some pics of all finished products before it's off to grandmothers house we go
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Lookin good! Gotta love cookin for birthdays, doin some BB's for my parents today.
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Sounds great! How long do you fry that puppy since its already warmed a bit? Seems it shouldnt take as long, right?
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Linescum, wow that stuff looks great I can't wait to hear how the bird turns out that sounds like it could be the best of both worlds, tell nana happy birthday and many more to come, Travis
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Looks great. If theres any left over, you can send them my way.
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DAMN GOOD....Slobber Alert

well i got to tell ya' these were delicious..fall off the bone and the maple pecan glaze was terrific..i stuck to the 3-2-1 and they were almost perfection and my NaNa just loved them..

as for the bird it turned out just fabulous i 'm going to pre-smoke all birds before frying from now on. it not only cut the time by 15 mins. but it hardly splattered when i put it in the hot oil. and it had just a hint of smoke(i'd pat my self on the back but my shoulder hurts)

Here's some pic's right before i put them in the cooler for the trip over the mountain....Warning Drool Alert
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Looking great.
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man talk about being a hero..i took all the leftovers ,turkey,ribs,stuffing,gravy and cole slaw to work and warmed it up on the grill out back..talk about an awsome breakfast. i thought the guys were gonna stampede me
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Oh, now you've done it! You started a bad thing! They are gonna expect you to bring smoked goodies all the time now! Congratulations on a fine smoke!

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When I saw your pics on this post I was gonna ask you how you control spatter and boilover with your fryer, then you went and answered me before I could even ask. Great looking eats. Congratualtions. Our gobbler season opens next weekend, I won't get out until the 25th, can't wait.
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