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This guy's outta control. Someone take the plasma cutter away from him, quick! PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif
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Wow Steve, you've been busy!! They look great!!


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guess i need to go find some more weed wacker motors & gps neat job and fun to PDT_Armataz_01_28.gifPDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Mad Skills

Just wanting to through in my props! You got mad skills Steve! *points*

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I'm wondering if maybe you should number these? Especially if they are going to be in limited numbers or have design changes. Of course you have #1, the most valuable of the run.
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Yanno...how much do they weigh? I'm considering buying one just for the coolness of it! What would you want for one?
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Those are awsome...............It would be cool to have one to play with, would be one heck of a conversation peice.......
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I Think...

I Think Twiggy weighs about 55 pounds, but I have to get him officially weighed. I like Pigcicles idea of numbering them! Thanks for the nice words!

I am almost done with Twiggy clones 2 thru 5, the clones are shaping up real nice, about 8 to ten hours left of adding parts and paint and I will post them all completed. I will have a better idea on costs by then.

Here is a mini Brisket cooked on Twiggy number 1 for six hours till 165 degrees internal, then foiled in the oven for another 12!!!


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Looks damn good...........Things are looking great.............
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Just a great job Steve. I have really ejoyed following this thread. I would love to see a pic of twiggy next to your big rig to show how small twiggy really is. Again well done.
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I can't believe you pulled off a briskit in Twiggy.
*bows* We're not worthy...We're not worthy.
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Did it rain in the garage? They keep multiplying...........eek.gif
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These things are tooooo cooool. Good job on making them. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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When you get everything figgered out...shoot me a price...I just HAVE to have one of those little buggers!

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Impressive assembly line you have there... smokin' train!! Great Post!!!
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Love the matching beer on the twiggy train. Nice touch.
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you wouldn't happen to be a shriner, would you?
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Very Very Kewl smokers Steve ... now you just need a few of them battery powered jeeps and cars ( power wheels ) to pull em with icon_smile.gif ... very neat idea for those old air tanks PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Thank you guys,

I am real anxious to finish them and to get some more pics loaded up, been busy with other stuff that came up:-)

Thanks to BustedLuck for the nomination! Real surprised and honored:-)

Brianj517---I will know soon on these little guys---just have to get them done!!

RichP692---Yes, I am a Shriner, but have been kind of in-active for several years, what were ya thinken?---Smoker Parades--LOL

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Tow it ... heck just tuck it under your arm and off you go!

Can't wait to hear how it works man ... biggrin.gif
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