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Steve, that is awesome. You should send a pic to Ben Lang. He would get a kick out of that!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Air tanks

Thanks to Dan

NCdodave---do you really have a bunch of old air tanks?

I will cook with her today---I may make a few more of these after I write everything down and look over my notes---I want to weigh little Twiggy--she is pretty heavy all dressed up---maybe 60 to 70 pounds or more:-)
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Hey Steve. It's been said alot and you still deserve it. GOOD JOB. How much time do you think you have in it?
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Great job Steve, I'm with Capt. Dan on the idea of sending pics to Ben Lang.

Would like to see the write-up on your notes-would make a worth while "down time" project for when Ma Dutch doesn't have me in the wood shop making toys for the grand kids.
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You need this to pull that bad boy around!
This is the ultimate tailgating cooler! It is a Cruzin motorized cooler with padded seat cushion. It has a 2 cycle motor and hand break. Pulls a 350lb man with no problem. You be the envy of the parking lot as you cruise around from tailgate party to tailgate party. Took out of the box to assemble and driven around the driveway once.

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Cubguy is right!!! after seeing that cooler and your mini smoker.... its only right that they compliment one another at all events.And another well done on that mini!!
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I've got to join in here too, that's just too cool! Was that an 80cuft bottle you started with? I may have to work on one of those myself. Point to you anyway! Nice job all around.

And Club Guy, they actually build those "Cruzin Coolers" here in Houston. Igloo Coolers are made here too so I guess that's why.
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damn now i'm hungry and thirsty in a micro kind or way good idear on a puller for the miniPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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1st cook on little "Twiggy the twig burner", did a .....

Did a steak for lunch, then a fatty and a small chicken after that. I had to slit the chicken's back and tie him up to squish him in there allowing the smoke to still flow!

Domn8-ion---I think it took me about 25 hours to build, but some of that was thinking---I think I can do better:-)

Dutch, thanks, I will sit down this "rainy" weekend to come and try to write it all down---I'll do a post to this thread after:-)

NavionJim--I am not sure the "cu-ft" amount but the tank is 3/16" steel--6.75" by 18.5"L. It was a fireman's airtank. I got a couple of them at the dump, want more now!

Hey Cubguy--got plans for the cooler? LOL

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Looks tasty, I rounded up a air bottle today, its so cool i'm going to have to make one.
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I don't have a bunch of air tanks in hand but I do have access to them. As the F.D. fazes out the steel and alluminum bottles and replaces them with the carbon fiber bottles they slowly become available. My friend also owns a dive shop and sees lots'a steel bottles. As they pass their inspection date and are "traded" in they become available.
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Way cool !!! Steve- great job!!! Thats easily in the top 5 coolest smokers!!
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Smokinsteve, sorry no plans the cruizen cooler was on craigslist here in omaha for 300.00 bucks, saw it and ur smoker was the first thing I thought of. They're a match made in heaven.
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great looking q, course I thought you Might smoke some mini meats in it.PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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I gotta have one your killing me!!!icon_exclaim.gif
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i'm likken twiggy better all the time whats next a alum tank got one any idears
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Whats it worth?

Hey Smokinit, I have to look over my notes this weekend, and back track a bit since most of Twiggy was scrap steel I had.

If I make some more of these, I need to figure what the total costs would be---------but meanwhile-----What do ya think it's worth? I am realistic enough to know that this is only a fun thing and not so lucrative:-)

Thanks guys for the nice comments:-)
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Steve I don't know some were between 3 and 6 hundred how is that for a range but I bet I could sell a few for you at some comps and events I go to.
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I fixed the pictures----

I fixed the pictures in this thread---I screwed up my photobucket and ended up losing all the pics, so those who tried to view this can see it now:-)

Also, there has been some interest in these Twig burners, so I am making 3 more under more planned and controlled conditions, so if anyone is interested in having one of these, PM me and I will put the extra materials on my list and build them all at once.

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hey steve cubguy is on his way to pickup one and bring it down here to kansas for a mini abt food fest is zat ok
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