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Seasoning a new smoker????

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On my way to Cabela's to pick up a Masterbuilt electric. I tried to search the site for tips on seasoning a new smoker, but could not find anything. What do I need to do as far as "seasoning" it before I use it. Thanks!
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i used lard.......but its ALL good
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dont forget to burn a load or 2 of wood chips after the new smell burns off, mine ran on high for about 3 hours, then i reduced to 225, added wood chips, added second load of chips about an hour later, i let it cool, used it the next day. hope ya got the 20 dollar off coupon that i got in my area.
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lol, to pooped to comment Ken.
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I was under the impression stainless doesn't need to be seasoned...just creates a sludge. Inside of the MES is stainless I believe.
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it would still have manufacturing oils inside wouldn't it?
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And that there is why you should wash a new smoker out before season!!
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ANY metal should be cleaned and seasoned. Seasoned is less important for stainless, yes, because one of the main purposes of seasoning is rust prevention. But the cleaning should be done due to manufacturing chems/oils from the machining/fabrication/painting processes. Seasoning stainless may be less important, but it won't hurt. And they ARE painted... heat that puppy up!
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I have the 30" stainless MES, and trust me, when you crank it up to 300 and smell the fumes burning off of it, you'll know why.
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