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New from WA

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Just want to give a big HELLO to all of my new BBQ friends. Here in Washington I seem to be the only person I know that is into BBQ. Here BBQ is cooking on the ol' propane grill. I'll admit I started out that way, but I couldn't resist still throwing wood chips on the lava rock. Yes I was replacing lava rock constantly because of all of the ash.

I have 6 different smokers and grills on the patio now. My new pride and joy is a Traeger Grill. I put it to bed every night, cover it so it doesn't get cold. My wife is a little angry, I say every night, "goodnight baby, I love you" to my grill!

Everyone that eats what I cook absoultly loves the food, but no one is willing to put in the time to do it themselves! Are people so busy that they cannot relax enough to sit around and smoke some food and enjoy their company?
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LOL..Welcome to SMF the BOTH of you! And you have discovered one of the best parts of smoking... the time well spent. The world would be a better place over a brisket smoke and a couple beers eh?
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Exactly! This country needs to slow down throw back a few and stand in the smoke ring!
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You hit the nail on the head man. Smoked food takes some TLC....No drive up window on my house. I love to sit in the yard watching my daughter slide and play getting wisps of the smoke. Glad there are some more out there....Give some Q-views of that treager in action...
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Welcome aboard, glad to have ya! Yup the world has gone and gotten itself into one H e ! ! uva hurry!

Get up rush to work, work like crazy all day, rush home, rush to get supper ready, rush rush rush, hurry up go to bed. Get up and start all over again, don't spend to much time with family and friends, gotta get all this stuff done. Sheesh, and we wonder why the place is fallen apart.

Some people call me old fashioned, "You do what" "smoke what" why would you do that? I can get that stuff at super mart! No you can't, you can get an unreasonable facsimile of it, but you can't get this.

So, I guess I'm content to be old fashioned, just wish I could be a bit more so. I kind'a miss the old days, things were simpler, harder yes, but simpler. I like some of the modern convienineces yes, but I still like steam engine trains, old cars, good friends and a nice cool beverage shared with good smoked food out on the deck.

Well, congratulations on joining the old foggies club, nothin wrong with bein old fashioned in my booK!
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Welcome to the site..............Glad you found us here.......Great to have you here..............
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Welcome to the family of wonderful folks, helping others make wonderful food!cool.gif
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Welcome to SMF Dean...Enjoy your time here!!!
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Sit back grab a frosty and enjoy what I like to call one of the last freedoms......They tell me my kid HAS to have shots, my garbage HAS to fit in the can ,my car HAS to meet emissions,but nobody tells me what my food HAS to be!So in every bite I just get closer with family and friends over a non govmt. regulated device of self preservation.(yes they now control prostitution,drinking,and religion(most of it anyway!).
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welcome to SMF dean-not sure what you started but seems the indians are getting a-little restless.don't get me wrong I likeing it-we are a special breed in here-love what we do as a hobby and real friendly& always willing to help our fellow friends.glad U found us and I bet the wife loves the smoke u and than tell her goodnite too-she will offer to buy brisket like my gal does.
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You aren't alone in this soggy world!

Hey Dean & Jodi

You are not alone (I'm in Bellevue)

So far a Little Chief
2 modified Propane grills
1 Stainless slow cooker FB/Horiz & Vert chambers, all SS Beer Kegs (under const)
1-16 Cubic foot, stainless steel, automatic, continuous feed thermally controlled cold smoker (under const)
Just finished a batch of Tasso and beef Jerky yesterday and the bacon comes out of the cure next Sunday!
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Hey people welcome to the board. wink.gif
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saying hello from Monroe / Sultan area.

Get a covered roof nover your deck and bbq/smoke year 'round..........
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Just got back from a trip to Everett WA. Wow GREEN Welcome to SMF
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Welcome. Sounds like you could do some serious cooking with all that hardware.
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I'm in WA too and smoke under my tarp when it rains. You are right. Good BBQ is lacking in Western WA, that's what led me to get a smoker and do it on my own and I found this forum to learn more about it. Welcome to the forum.
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