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Hello to all,

I have been smoking for about 3 years. Moved to Missouri from Ohio and got introduced to smoking...thats all it took. My first smoker was an OK Joe that I just recently sold to meandmytwodogs who also told me about this site. I am on the look out for something a little bigger. Maybe a lang 60. This is a great site.

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Welcome, glad you found us. I also am intrested in a Lang 60. there is lots of good info on the here.
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Nice to have ya aboard, FatD. Seems everyone who joins here is soon looking for a bigger smoker...LOL! Enjoy!
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Welcome to the forum fatdaddy. You are going to love it here!!!
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Welcome aboard, glad to have ya! Missouri eh? Should be alot of good smokin wood around ya!
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Welcome to SMF, fatdaddy. Great to have another smoker from the great state of Missouri. Ask any questions you may have, as someone will toss an answer out. You need to get serious about finding a new smoker as summer is just around the corner and heavy cravings are hard to deal with without a way to smoke some "Q".
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Lang 60 and Patio 48

Welcome Mr. Daddy,

I just ordered a Lang 84 De-luxe yesterday. I thought Ben Lang was wonderful to deal with - and he'll deliver it right to your door - back it in the garage if you'd like. With all the global economy we have today, it is nice to see we still have down home customer service still like his.

I wished I had the budget for a Patio 48 as well. Hey, you really ought to have two, agree?

Ben's got a great design and a great value. I'll let you know how I like mine as soon as I get it and use it - 2 weeks. I can't wait.

In the meantime, I am still using my GOSM which is great. Hard to beat for 100 bucks. Research that - I found a ton of cool info here. I Love SMF!

Best, Brad
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Right on!

Hey Dale!
What a great way to stay in touch and you will even be able to watch and make sure that Joe is not being neglected! I love that grill! I've been having great success with the vent on the fire box. I can adjust the temp by 10-15 degrees like an oven. Thanks a gain and nice job on the mods! When you get your L-60, I'll give you two years with that one before I start buggin you about letting me buy it from you.
Take care.
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The 60 is nice and plenty big for me!

I wouldn't know what to do with an 84. My meat budget is way out of control now!icon_smile.gif

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Welcome to the site......Glad you found us..........
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welcome, yep... your gonna love it here!!
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