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ET-73 Went crazy

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Does anyone know if the meat probe for this thing is not supposed to be submerged in water? I was letting my Apple brine cool down and I wanted to see where the temp was at so I lowered in the meat probe. Part of the cord was in the brine as well. I was fine for awhile then I went to take it out and the temp went into the 300's and stayed. I plugged in the smoker probe into both ports and it reads okay so I know it isn't the unit, seems like the probe is shot or I ruined it when I measured the brine. Has anyone heard of this or had this happen to you?
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If the probe wiring gets wet, it's done. I'm not sure what replacement probes cost but I know Maverick sells them.
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yeah.......letting the wire end of the probe in water........you mite be screwed
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WOW.....I have a cheapie digital probe from Wally world......granted, it only monitors one temp.....but, have had it submerged while cooling summer sausage, and it is still working just fine........???
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Thanks for the fast responses. I kind of figured I toasted the probe. I guess I didn't think to check if it was a waterproof before I did that. I hope I can find a replacement probe at a store in town, if not I will probably buy a single probe monitor and send in the probe to Maverick and see if they will replace it. I plan on smoking a turkey on Sunday so this was bad timing.
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