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first boston butt questions

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ok, heres the deal. i bought me a 8.5# butt today. just rubbed it down with jeffs rub (first time using it, and just mixed it together). plan on cooking it tomorrow (weather permitting, sunday if not tomorrow) at 225-240 for 12-13 hours and splashing it with apple juice/rum mix.
-do i cook it with the fat down or up?
-i also just mixed up the finishing sauce. my pepper is settling at the bottom, and my pepper flakes are at the top (in my bottle.) is this a problem?

give me your input.
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i always cook fat cap down. I have found cooking with it up, the fat melts, and washes off the rub...........

your finishing sauce......just before using it.........blend you have a thunderstick?
if not.......put it in a blender........what should mix it up enuff for it to work
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Shake the crap outta it before ya put it on the pulled pork. Be carefull and test the meat before dumping a whole lot of it on there. Some folks like alot of vinegar, others don't. You can always add more, but never take it back off!

The fat cap position is a matter of preference, but if it's your first butt, go with WD's advice and go cap down.icon_wink.gif
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All good advice there MCP. Take a deep breath and you will do fine!!! Remember someone will be here during the smoke so if you need some assistance, just say the word. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Fat cap up or down? i say yes, i'm a flipper, start down and roll it over every couple hours. as far as flakes flooting, shaken use, i like a little "visual" when i use a sauce
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concur with most here - cap down and I spray once per hour or so until foiled. I have a 7 lber ready to go tomorrow on my Chargriller as well!

You've probably read already but you'll hit the plateau (mine are usually around 140-150 degrees +/-) - just wait it out - it'll rise!

you slicing or pulling?
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got me some bear claws and gonna pull it. hope it turns out!
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I'll be right there with you tomorrow smoking pulled pork! I've done 5 now and all have been great!
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ok-day of and its raining cats and dogs, but i got a fire built!!!!
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Ok MCP...Keep us posted. You got this!!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Don't let the rain detur ya, keep it rollen.
i got a butt now also, kinda'va last minute deal, but it's the first nice sat. we have had in a while.
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yea, had it on an hour now. im soaking wet, but my temp is holdin at 210*. rains gonna clear out in about another hour. just about got some hail here, got kinda nasty. but its nice in the chamber.
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Awesome -

mine is at 68 Degrees on since 0745- however here in KC we have about the perfect day for smoking - clear blue on it's way to 75 or so!
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I pull my smoker in the garage, with the stack out under the soffit and a fan blowing the smoke out of the garage. this works ok as long as the rain aint blowing into garage
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sounds like your head should be in washington. i live in an apartment and must transport my smoker everytime i use it. i cant keep it here. its to big for this little place. mines just sittin in the rain. i thought about getting some sort of canopy for it, but i have no way to anchor it. so the wind would have its way with it.
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