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brisket the smf way

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with all the tips i've learned here i'm smoking a brisket and 2 pork loins today with hickory and royal oak 2 and half hours into it meat is 128 and smoker is 224 looking good ,ty so much for all the great info on this site. i have been smoking long time but after reading all i have here you all have about made this fool proof (hope did'nt jinx myself) ty again for all info happy smokin ray
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Good luck and let us know how it turns out.
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Don't forget the Q-view deadeye. We gotta have it. Just keep it Low N Slow with the Thin Blue Smoke and all will be good.
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turned out melt in your mouth i hope pics turn out is first time trying
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What'cha got in the top secret "Hands off, BBQ bottle only" spray?? :-)

Those look aboslutley great. I'm drooling
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Now that is turning out to be a fine looking smoke. Nice job.
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Deadeye - nice looking smoke you've got going. That won't last long with the way it's surely going to taste!
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and the end results you guys took the guess work out now i cant wait to eat all this so i can smoke some more ty all and that was apple juice and bourbon in bottle
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Niiiiceee.. Looks real good.
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Looks fantastic deadeye, I am sure you guys enjoyed it!!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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What a fantastic looking smoke ring. Look at the penetration you have on the bottom side.! Nice.
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Looks awsome Deadeye! Wow Old Style! That was my dads beer of choice and still the choice of many here in Chicago.
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Bully bully! Great job! Glad the SMF helped ya out guy!
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Looks great. Keep up the great smokes.
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Very nice!
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Great QVeiw, it looks like you got this smoking thing down..... What is next on the menu !!!
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