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Butts on sale in florida

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To all the florida smokers that live near Plant City.

Feltons Market has Butts on sale for 1.09 lbs. Great price and the meat is usually great. Will be picking me up a couple tonight.
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wait till you get a sale like we do around here.........99cents /lb........and some round here, get em on sale even cheaper.......which upsets me, living in the pork capital state of the world
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Great price magoo. the lowest they ever seem to get in my neck of the woods is 1.29/Lb. Stock the freezer!!!
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Man, and I thought I was getting a great deal on sale here at $1.59/lb.
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Sale price around here is .89. Not the hog capital either. La.

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I have never been happy with their butts for some reason they don't turn out well for me and I don't really know why. PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif

Now the briskets and ribs.............I make the trip out there for those. Seems like they always have good prices on the cases of ribs and I can't seem to find the choice grade packers anywhere else around.

You know if they have any thing special with the cases of ribs or the choice grade packers?
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Joe they have

35-40lbs box Spareribs 1.69lbs
35-45lbs box Pork spares 1.49lbs
Country Style for 1.38Lbs
Here is a link to there website. You can see their weekly ad there
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Don't be to upset WD i live in the strawberry capital and they don't do to good on the smoker
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Thank you!!!
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Yea well you guys would be number two if the NC legislator didn't start that moratorium crap. lol Blaming hog lagoons for the problems when every newspaper throughout the state has constantly got stories about so and so cities sewage plant spilled 2 million gallons today blah blah blah. This is daily.

Still, being number two makes it pretty cheap pork. Until corn went up so high 60 cent butts were not unheard of. Now, 99c is the norm when I buy them, but occasionally I can hit 79.

I think we are still number 1 in chickens though, and I can get 1/4s in the 20 to 30 cent a pound range.
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