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Beer Can TURKEY! yah!

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So if beer can que works well for the chickens as most of us know, "why not do the same with a bigger bird"

Soooooooo, A whole turkey was on sale for $.99 a pound, bought a 13 pounder, and did little or no prep work to the bird.......

Sure I've brined them before, I've injected the birds with marinade before, but do to no time I just rubbed 1/2 the bird down with Jeffs spice rub, and the other half in an Italian/Garlic rub.

12 ounce beer can was filled 2/3rds full of Spiced Apple Cider and placed inside a beer can holder base. Turkey fit fine over the base unit, and wasn't too tippy in my MES. Filled the water pan with another 2 cups of the spiced apple cider and used Pecan wood.

I ran about a cup of pecan chips, and 2 mid sized Pecan wood chunks. I've found the MES doesn't take hardly any wood to give a good smoke flavor and you can easily over-smoked too intense smoke flavor. I'm a new user of Pecan as it's not local to Seattle, but bought a 10 pound box of it of it off ebay.

Ran the MES at 265F for 5 hours, then reduced heat to 225 for 2 hours. Watched the internal meat temp via a corded probe/display, and dinner time came at 165-170 degree meat temp. Turkey was "done" but next time I'd just leave the smoker at the full 265 for the full 7 hour time to get meat temp up to 175-180,

MOIST MOIST MOIST turkey meat, worked great, love the left overs and can eat off the bird for half a week.

Que View for
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Looks great nice job what kind of wood for smoke?
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Just a guess, but I think he used Pecan wood for icon_rolleyes.gif
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Dah! Lol
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Looks awesome HeapOmeat!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Well, you're my hero then. I tried one this weekend, I mine bombed. Took a large can of Foster's (which, I did some research and I understand that "Foster's" is Australian for "beer" biggrin.gif ), and added some EVOO and onions. I even made up some garlic butter for under the skin. I shoved a whole white onion in the neck cavity and carved out a pond in it for some more garlic butter.

Mine turned out dry, and I hit the low end of the safe temp. The onion in the neck cavity was good; I stuck it in a pan with some of the drippings and cooked it until it fell apart. Great soup!

Perhaps I'll try the bird again, but I'm glad yours turned out well.
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I love the Foster's cans for that!

did you brine your bird?
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Just a simple saltwater and garlic brine. Added a little syrup, but not much else. I'm not much of a fan of brining yard birds, so I expected I wouldn't like brined turkey either. Might do that next.
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been doing turkeys for a couple of years built a turkey holder out of ss tubing and dump my beer and other liquids in it about 3" tubbing run smoker bout 220-240 no brining just a rub have done about 20 with hickory all turned out super
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