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Weber 320 vs 420

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Is the extra money justified for 1 extra burner? I currently have a char-broil grill w/3 burners and am quite content with it. The cooking area on both the Webers is very similar and the cost difference is in the 300-400 dollar range. Thoughts?
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only my 2 cents but ,a weber is a lifelong investment and the other is a 2year throw away model.the webber doesnt burn foodlike the cheaper models do.but its only my 2 cents.wink.gif
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Sorry, let me clarify, my next grill will be a weber, period. My main question is, should i go with the 3 burner for around 800 bucks or so, or should I buy the 4 burner for around 12-1300 bucks? My current grill has 3 paddle style burners (see my grill rebuild thread) and I'm pretty content with it. So, I'm just wondering if the extra burner will make that much of a difference. Thanks, Greg
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i have a genesis 3 burner and it buries the thermometer at about 700degrees. it get to damn hot, if that is possible grilling, the question is how much grill space do you need? if you need all the sq ft of the 4 burner get it. if you are worried about the btu's of the 3 burner being enough, dont. it is plenty
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as a side note, i watched CL for 3 weeks until i found a genises weber gold on their for $240. it was spotless. people are lossing their houses and moving. bbq's are the things they do not want to take. their loss for getting loans they can not afford is your gain.
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Thanks PNE, that's what I was wondering. I've heard nothing but good stuff about Webers. It's glad to hear the 3 burner ones get that hot. That should be plenty of size and heat for my needs. Thanks again, Greg
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Yeah, I agree the 3-burner is sufficient. The only reason to get the Weber Summit S-450 is if you have a huge family or regularly have parties that you cook for and need the surface area. But if you're that big-time, you might as well go with the 650 PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif6 burners baby.
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