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Hey I am lucky enought to have 2 big fresh wild Turkey breast biggrin.gif . They are skinned/boneless and I was wondering what would be a good way to fix them in the good ole smoker, or are they a good way beings I skinned they? Thanks..
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I think wrapping some bacon around them will help prevent them from drying out and add some good taste to them.
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I am going to do a couple butts the same time and I thought about putting the butts on top and letting them drip on the turkey. Is that a good idea too? Thanks...
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Brine em 4 hrs or so, bacon wrap them, and baste em with garlic butter until they are done. That would be the way I might do em.
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sounds mighty good but i might tend to inject the butterwink.gif
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That wouldn't hurt.

Now that sounds good!! wink.gif
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I sure agree with the bacon wrap. I smoked a whole skinned wild turkey that I had brined like I do domestics. It turned out very tough and just about inedible. I hate plucking thoughPDT_Armataz_01_27.gif
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