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Beef in progress QVIEW

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ok wife bought Sirloin Tip Roast some say Tri Tips and I don't know. What I do know is I marinated the large one in MoJo and the smaller one in Allegro overnight injected some garlic in both sprinkled on Garlic Salt and course Pepper and have got them on now.

On smoker with pan under to catch juice

Its warm here but thermometer reads bout 10 high so its only 88 grrr

More to come
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looking good. that mojo is good on chicken. never had it on beef before.
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Not sure either figured I'd try it. Gonna spritz with apple juice and capt. morgans pull about 140 I guess. First time cooking this for me soooo
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Looks great, PW! I can't wait to see the finished product. (BTW its only about 45* here, but at least the sun is shining).

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What is Mojo?
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Been spritzing and temps are 130 and 134 bout there heres pic at last spritz
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MOJO is a meat marinade the bottle says its good for Chicken, Pork, & Beef this is my first time using it so I'll tell ya how it tasted to me later
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Did you just get it at the local grocery store?
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Actually I got it at WalMart but some grocery stores do carry it I can also recommend Allegro brand its good
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Ok 1st one is out and is foiled, toweled and resting in the cooler heres a shot before foiling

2nd one is almost there
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heres a pic of #2 its now resting in the cooler as well
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Looks pretty good! How bout you FedEx some of that so I can have it for dinner tomorrow.

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Heck come on over and we'll have it hot biggrin.gif course since its my first don't know how its gonna taste yet icon_surprised.gif
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Ok heres the final pics
This is the one in Allegro

Heres the other done in MoJo

Next time I will probally just use MoJo and take the temp up to 145. Other than that it was pretty good and the wife really liked it and she likes it rare
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Yum!! where the freak are you at, or are you blowing smoke up this thermo so that we think that you are in some tropical spot?
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Bout 80-90 miles north of Clearwater on the Gulf of Mexico
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Nice job piney! looks fantastic!
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Nice Lookin

Looks godd Pinney. My wife and I really enjoy MOJO also. I have only use the GOYA brand but sure do like it. Again looks real good!!!!!!!!!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Chicken runs 3rd place. Mojo is best on beef, then pork. IMHO wink.gif
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Good job Piney, but look for either the Iberia or Badia brands if you can find them. They have s thicker consistancy than the Goya and adhere better to the meats. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Best to look in the ethnic isles of your local stores. I found Badia at Sav-A-Lot
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