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Yup congrats guys-good learning tool!
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Yea, I was watching the results on the KCBS web site. They took on average around 43-44 in just about everything (which is still respectable in my mind given the first contest)....everything but brisket, where they took 23. Kinda says something about that Mr Coor's drinkin' Brisket Searing dude, eh?

Nice goin' TQJ dudes! Well done (and that wasn't an "over cooked" joke, Smokey!)
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Congrats. Im sure the competition is tough in that neck of the woods and you did place in the top half in brisket. Who knows without Jeremy you might have even done better, lol. Just kidding Glued!
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All in all in was a great time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had allot fun,Beer and BBQ but not much sleep.

Not knowing what the Judges wanted was the hard part of it all.
We veered more twards back yard style and not Comp style.
That was probably the biggest mistake.

The judges weren't KCBS certified. They were just Elk members.
They wanted sweet candied meat w/sauce. PDT_Armataz_01_32.gif
They wouldn't know good BBQ if it slapped them in the face.

We were pretty busy so we didn't get many pics.

These Baby backs were custom cut I think that caused a bad score.

Glued2it and Smoky okie

Ba_Loko found a buddy

Saterday night after party at the Elk's bar.

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YAnno, I have run into that SOO many times. The sweet goopy sauce thing. I have not crumbled yet however. But then again I have never won a first either LOL!
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Great pictures glued..... Looks like fun.
Bet you'll skunk em next year.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
post #27 of 30 that the first one is out of the way, when is the next one?
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Dunno yet. I wanted to enid this weekend myself. All the old foggies are still recovering.biggrin.gif
I can't wait to do the next one now that we know a little more about it.

Maybe I should to Enid by myself as "The lone Q'r"

If I had the money I probally would.
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I hear ya. cool.gif
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Hi, new to the forum, met the guys at the comp, but I'm the original SMOKIN' OKIE... LOL

Hey, I'll be at Enid competing. If you make it, gimme a holler.

It was a blast talking Q with the team, sorry we didn't hang more. First contest of the season, had a lot of teams I stopped by to say hi and there just wasn't enough time.

Me, I want more of that Smoked Bologna.

Yeah, tried to tell you about the Elks. It's well known they have their own way of judging but since they gave me a first in Chicken, I like their chicken scoring. And they don't necessarily don't go for sweet. But they don't know brisket I know that for sure.

Stillwater was fun, but Enid is "normal" KCBS judging, if anything can be considered normal...PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif

Let me know if you head out to any more contests.

(Smokin' Okie)
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