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Richtee's Sauerkraut

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okay......got a 4 pound head of green cabbage to try out Richtee's method of sauerkraut

don't have a cabbage shredder........so used my rival food slicer

only decent container i have for it, is a tupperware container

between layers, i put kosher salt, horseradish, and my smoked garlic

after all the layers, i placed a plate on top, with a gallon container of water to hold the plate/cabbage under the soon to render out water

put it in my basement, covered with a towel..........bout evey other day, will check on it, and skim off the skum

will post as i go along.............

but finished product should be 3 weeks from now
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BRATS-N-KRAUT at WD's place in 3 weeks!!!!.........icon_smile.gif
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I beleive thats an invatatoin EME
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fine.........as long as you guys bring homemade brats

AND the beer

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Never know about us Iowegians.....WD lives in the same state, that practically makes him a neighbor.....might just show up for dinner.....brats in hand!
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The brats, you mean my dots right?
They eat too much, might have figure something out there Dude
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brats.........you know..........ground up meat, stuffed in casings?
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I thought those were hot dogs!
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or slami....
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Fareway makes decent brats.....cheaper than Johnsonville, too.....icon_twisted.gif

(they kinda look home made even.....heh)
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Some of the best, if you buy 20#+, they will custom make them with what ever you want added to them, i get them with swiss cheese
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wooooooo!......there's an idea....custom Fareway brats.....no labor munchies!!

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Hey Dude, looks good so far. Keep us all posted as it progresses. This something I want to try too. Ya know, kraut and Hungarian Kolbasz is one of my favorites. You got the kraut, and I got the kolbasz.
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[quote=Walking Dude;174180]okay......got a 4 pound head of green cabbage to try out Richtee's method of sauerkraut

don't have a cabbage shredder........so used my rival food slicer.

hea WD, i make kraut every summer from cabbage i grow in garden, make it in a 5 gal crock jars.i used to do the same way skim off top every day etc, til someone told me fill crock not quite, take a food grade plastic bag (i double bag)and put on top of kraut and fill bag with water with 6 tbl salt per gal, in case of slight leakage wont weaken brine(i had one leak once-why i now dbl bag). tie it off securely. this eliminates the saucer as now the water is your weight and creates a fermentation lock. u dont wanna tuch it until fermenting done. works great

also caraway seed mixed in with the cabbage is excellent, i usually make mine 1/3 with the caraway, rest plain. will have to try some with the garlic this year. sounds good.
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Hmmm Interesting method there erain. I assume the bag contacts all sides of the container? How does the "scum" get out tho? Just bubbles thru with the CO2?
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u got it richtee, air tight barrier. the only reason the scum forms is because the kraut on the surface is in contact with oxygen. all the gasses from fermenting just push around the bag and out. no oxygen no scum-nothing, matter of fact they say dont even peek cuz then u lettin air in. after ur done fermenting remove and the top will look just like the stuff at the bottom. like a big check valve. there are several kraut making websites that show this now that i look. but do it once betcha never do it different.

they recommend bag have 3-4 inches of water salt mix in it, i suppose to make sure it has enuff side surface area to seal, i do mine in 5 gal crocks and fill so there is about 4 gal of kraut packed tite inside, the rest is the water filled bag.
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wouldn't happen to have sum pics, to better picture how the baggies seal off the opening?
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i wish i had actual pics, most cetanly will have to this summer, but i found this-cudnt figger out how to make it copy/paste but here link, picture in step 3, mine seemed that the bag had a little more water in it, so there was more surface area on the sides just because of the imperfections in the crocks(100 year old redwings). try this http://learningstore.uwex.edu/pdf/B2087.pdf
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Deud...bet that's gonna be good!

Erain, I like the sound of your method too. I'll have to give it a try.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

I make mine in quart jars, pack the jars tight...leave the lids loose, set the jars in a tub to catch the overflow.
When ready, I clean the mouths of the jars, top with new lids and put them in the canner. I can them in a waterbath canner for 20 minutes.
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hi patty, i used to do it kinda that way cept used to use those jars with the zinc caps and rubber seals, ferment and tighten, thats the way my mom used to do it and it was all right but didnt like the idea of not processing it. used to hear all these old timers talk about kraut from the crock. being i sorta had been collecting them anyway figgered may as well use them and give it a try' i think there is something to it cuz it does have a more distinct flavor. maybe cuz of the large amount in container takes longer to finish fermenting? (just a guess, something) anyway when done fermenting then i process into jars. glad to see other kraut makers here. just another aspect of why this forum great!!!
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