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Last week I asked about warming pulled pork up and someone suggested a rice steamer I bought 1 and its great but about any kind of steamer would work mine happens to have a setting for cooking and one for warming. Was only 20 something bucks and works great. It may not hold it all but you can just put it into another pan after hot and steam some more.
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Look 24, you are not gonna be able to cook 4 butts on that smoker,let alone 6, so forget it! You might not be a fan of smoking stuff the day before, but that is the only way you are gonna make it happen without going completely crazy with disapointment! You can do them the weekend before, and then warm up that morning. But you are looking at 2 smoking sessions, and at 10-12 hrs each, it is just not gonna happen in one sitting!

You can do it the day before, or 2 weeks before if ya want. Just warm it up in the oven, covered in a large roasting pan. You can believe all the good info or not, we wouldn't lead ya astray!wink.gif
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Nice way to support the new guy!! confused.gif

Dan, i just posted how i did 3 butts on the ECB, you could easily put 2 on each rack and have PLENTY for 75 sammies!!

I would agree, especially being fairly novice, to smoke the day before...
It will take you probably 14 hrs+ to cook all that butt (been there, done that) and you would be wiped out for the party!
Pork reheats great and actually tastes better the next day!! wink.gif
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Hey, this entire thread is full of speculation as to whether this guy is even serious... I mean come on, 4th smoke and going to crank out a party on an ECB while limiting himself to 11 hours of cook/prep/delivery time? I think several of the posts did attempt to support (coach) the new guy, but his response was something along the lines of "Naaa, I don't want to reheat, I just want to do the nearly impossible with limited time and experience." Sorry if I seem a bit abrasive, but many people offered their experienced opinion and he doesn't seem very receptive.

If he doesn't want to take advice about cooking early and reheating, then I'm serious about the Rib Crib. Hey, one of my first smokes was one that took waaay longer than expected, and people were getting hungry and impatient. Know what I did? I offered to go get some BBQ and try homemade another time. Embarrasing? Yep, but we ate, had a good time and I learned a valuable lesson. I think some of the suggestions are trying to help him to avoid having to do that. Perhaps this guy needs to be a bit more receptive to our suggestions and then perhaps I'd drop the sarcasm.
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Uh OOKAYY! 19 sammies per butt, are ya servin em on a potato roll!icon_smile.gif Or are you using 10 lb butts?biggrin.gif

Well either way, I'm out, good luck with your get together. I hope it works out for ya. I think you can judge from the general consensus on what ya need to do. You can do the math, at 1/3 lb per sammy, and an 8 lb butt will get ya about 4 lbs of useable food, so there ya go.

Bubba, in your 101 thread you said you fed those folks on 3 butts, and then in the thread you said you also did a 6 lb brisket ? Maybe I missed something there. I think I am having a hard time reading people today or something. I musta rolled off the bed onto my head last night or sumptin!icon_eek.gif
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Easy bro, don't overheat....wink.gif
Brisket was MY dinner, about 30# of butts yeilds about 15-17# of pp at 1/4# per sammie = 60-70 sammies.
I'm just saying you guys seem all a lil hard on the guy, it can be done and if he insists on doing it we usually back him up and give the advice he needs......thats why this forum is here!!
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OK bubba ?
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Listen fellows I appreciate EVERYONES advice. I want you all to understand that I have a very limited amount of time and resources, so I'm just trying to make the best of what I have. I have taking your suggestions seriousely and have adjusted accordingly (doubled up on my meat, 4 to 5 more hours of cooking time) the best that I can. I see a difference of opinion's within this thread, but based on Bubbas post doing 4 butts on my Brinkman can be done. For the little that I know I agree. It certainly will fit, but I'm a little concerned about keeping the temp. Any suggestions? I would love to do 6 butts, but I simply do not have the time to do 2 sessions. In all seriousness IF I CAN FIT 5 or 6 butts on my Brinkman, do you see any other problems arising? I'm not planning on them fitting, so I'm only planning to do 4, but I would like to know what my options are, again this is if they can fit. To be extra safe I will go ahead and adjust starting time. New time: All preps done and meat on smoker 12:00 am. Thats 16-17 hours before serving. This will also allow me to get a good nights sleep.

I guess this is what happens when you try to piece things together at the last minute, so next time I will plan more ahead. You live and learn. BTW these people are not going to kill me IF we run out of meat. Besides I might be bringing burgers for back up.

Also, thank you to all other suggestions regarding temp gauges and maintaining my equipment.
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I was thinking you'd want to try and get the meat on around midnight. At least with an electric you can leave it for while. If you can, definitely invest in a wireless therm. I can have mine in the meat outside and sit on the couch and monitor temps icon_smile.gif .

One idea i had for you keeping the meat warm. Had you thought about putting the finished meat in a roaster or large crockpot. Could leave it on low with a lid on it to keep juices in. If you plan to use the finishing sauce as well i don't see a problem with it drying out.

Brinkman do sell covers for the bullett smokers, i found some on amazon for around $14.00.

Hope it all works out good ...... if possible get some pics and post them on here ... we all love to see pics.

Good luck with it
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Correction: All preps done and meat on smoker by 10:00 pm. 18 to 19 hours before serving.
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Thanks teeotee. I'll check that out. Yeah I'm thinking with the electric. Once I put it on I should be able to sleep 5 or 6 hours before adding more wood and maybe mopping.
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Welcome Mike!smile.gif
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Looks like the fiesta this afternoon could be slightly bigger than I originally thought. Either way I've planned a little better. First of all I borrowed my old mans Brinkmann electric, so I have twice the space now. 8 pork butts totalling 70.5 pounds, largest one being #10.5 on smoker A. Got about a #9.5 on smoker B. I'm hoping to get 110 to 140 sandwiches when finished. I put the meat on warm smoker at 10:00 p.m central time and I just checked temps, mopped, and added more mesquite at 7:00 a.m., about 30 minutes ago. Internal meat temps on two largest cuts were around 155. I don't have a camera, but friend does, so I'll try to get pics.
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Sounds like things are coming together for you. Won't be long before you can wrap them. Hope the plateau doesn't last to long but you should be ok. Keep us informed and post pics if possible.
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Welcome Who. Sounds like you were planning pretty good. Good thinking borrowing another smoker. Backup burgers, another good idea. If you are providing food for all those people they should be easy on you anyway. Best of luck, Sounds a little bit like a Dinner Impossible episode but sounds like your accomplishing your mission.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Good to hear your smoke is progressing well. Keep us posted
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Welcome,.. What a great thread,.. As you can see, you're talking with the best and an outstanding group of smokers,.... Come back often and bring pictures,... Sounds like a wonderful party,..
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Hey Who... way to stick it out. Sounds like you made some adjustments and got on with the show, good for you.

Let us know how it turns out!
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Hey Folks,

At 7:00 this morning meat was at 150. 9 hours later only at 160 - 175. I understand this may be the plateau everyone talks about, but 9 hours??? The good news is as long as the pork is ready by 7 or 8 then I'm good. I'm worried. Any recommendations??? What is the earliest (temp) I can pull this stuff in case it comes down to last minute?
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I gues it could be that long. If you're still wooried and want to do pulled pork, you can always doube wrap in foil and finish in the oven.
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