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Sausage Weekend! Venison Bacon, Salami Q-views

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Well, I cleaned some venison out of the freezer this weekend and did some smoking. I made 25# of Venison Bacon, 12.5# of Venison Salami with Cheddar, and 25 # of Jalepeno and Cheddar Country Style Sausage. Everything turned out great, considering I had never smoked my own Summer Sausage (Salami) before. The only thing I noticed is I have a thin ring of crust between the meat and casing...maybe too much temperature? I tried to keep smoker temps around 170 degrees and I gave them a water bath after they came out of smoker. Maybe someone has some ideas. The Venison Bacon turned out super...I added some extra pepper in the mix and I also sprinkled coarse ground pepper on outside of loaves and rubbed it in. I also left it sit in the fridge 2 nights this time and it seemed to help bring out the seasoning a little more. Anyway, I have some before and after pics...I didn't take any pics of the Country Style sausage... the Bud Lights were going down too good and my buddy took the rings over to his house to smoke them the next day in his bigger smoker. Enjoy!!
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Salami Pics

Here is the rest of the salami and cheddar q-views!
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mj............nice..........REAL nice...........going to do my first ss this week.........nice looking sausage...........points for you
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now thats fine eating right there.
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Looks great MJ, and fantastic q-view. Excellent Job!!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Here is a the process I follow when doing venison summer sausage. First let set til room temp and the casings are dry to the touch. Then 1 hour at 160 to insure dryness. Then I add the smoke process and turn up the heat. I smoke at 250 to 275 and my sticks are generally around 2 1/2lbs. I cook to an internal temp of 155 and I use beef instead of pork for filler. I will sometimes foil the ends because they seem to over cook occasionally. Then ice bath til they reach 110 internal temp. I also use 3 meat probes because each level has a different heat zone. I have a Nu-Temp which is wireless so I set it and then go watch tv. Look at my meat probe and I can check 3 different sticks at a time.
I also lay mine down on the racks instead of hanging.
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nice lookin stuff mj!!!! you have the same smoker i use for most of my stuff. the brown crust-not any type of sugar in ur sausage mix is there? or else dried out from the heat like maybe smoker temp spiked at one time? just guesses, looks good luv the cross section views.
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I'm thinking YA great looking stuff there-sheesh who needs farmer john?WE rock people.
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Looking good, congrats on yet another successful smoke !!!
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looks great mj
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Awesome MJ...everything looks great!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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MJ: great vittles for your first! Here is a little info that might help you with your sausage. Start out your smoke at 130* for one hour with no smoke, this dries them a bit. Then raise the temp to 140* while adding smoke for another hour. Now raise the temp to 160* with smoke for another hour. After that raise the temp to 170* and cut off your smoke. Run at this temp until you hit an internal temp of about 155*. After you hit 155* give them the cold shower till the internal drops to 110*. Then let them set at room temp until they have dried. Then place in a frig over night and then your ready to scarf them up!

Hope this helps, you did fine on that first run!

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Looks real Nice, especially the ss.. job well done.
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Thanks everyone for all the great comments, advice, and encouragement. This forum has made all the difference. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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lokks great. Bambi is awesome smoked.
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Great job, I need to give you my address PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif
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I used meat binder and powdered milk in the mixture for the Salami and it has excellent texture. I followed Salmonclubbers lead. (Thanks!) I sliced the Venison Bacon thicker this time and added an ounce of CBP and I really like this better than my last batch. We had BLT's last nite and they were awesome...Sorry guys no q-view...icon_sad.gif I really like that bacon! Thanks to Mossy for introducing that to me!
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