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Grill Dome

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Anybody know anything about these things. Looks kinda like a BGE or Komada, just a different brand?

Wife would kill me, but if you are in NC worth a shot.
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Looks like an interesting little smoker..............Not a bad price either...........Let us know if you go for it..........
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Dont know anything about it but if it is anything like the BGE you will love it! I have a BGE and its awesome..
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After viewing the link all I can say is; "It was nice knowing you buddy !!!". Almost looks like a money back gaurantee..... if you do not like it, it should resell just fine. I would buy it from you if our distances were not so far apart.
Hide all knives, guns and weapons in the house and give it a try !!!
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i think you are now required to buy it since you found it......and remember, its easier to ask forgiveness than permissionPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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now i like that line of thinkincool.gif
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consistently gets me into trouble toowink.gif
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I made mention last night after finding the link, hey honey, I just found a great deal on craigslist. I recieved the "look" in return, and I didn't even tell her it was another smoker. May go for it anyway and just take the punishment.

Thanks for the replies.

Anybody out there ever used one of these things?
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I hope to pick it up tonight. I'll update later unless things go really crappy today and it's gone already.

Wish me luck, and don't tell my wife........
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Best of luck to you on the smoker and with the wife. Summer is almost here so you should be fine, your wife may be upset but that smoker will keep you warm on a chilly summer night !!!
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