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I got a few bills i am giving away for FREE!!!! First "I'll take it" gets all of them! I can not guarantee they will get you the chicks, but I can guarantee you that they are not cheap! By the time you got them paid off you will be able to say that you finally did something with all your money worthwhile!! Visa bill, truck payment, etc. you will get it all. I will not squabble over the details, if you want them, let me know... NO TRADES PLEASE!! I am trying to finance a new toy!!
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mossy/ i was so lookin forward to taking them but my wife ,the grinch she is ,says i have enough already ,maby next time
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Sorry I can't help you there Mossy...........So what kinda new toy you looking at?
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sorry but if I can't buy it with cash I don't need it-ain't used a visa in years-but have in case of emergancy.
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making my last card payment this month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not to fall into that trap again. Been on cash bases for three years now. God it feel good!!!
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Heh. Only until April 15th. Grrrr.
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