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Bad Fatty?

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Has anyone tried to put something inside a fatty that didnt turn out well?
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No such thing as a bad fatty my friend...They are fool proof!!!
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Nope not yet!!!! PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif
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An old friend said one time "it's all good ingredients, it's got to be good"! In order to ruin a fatty, you would have to put in "bad ingredients". icon_smile.gif
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ya know... I've been sitting here trying to think of something that you could put in a fattie to make it bad, and excluding things that have rotted or are otherwise bad, I just can't think of anything. Seems like anything wrapped in sausage would be mmmm-good. Even things I wouldn't normally touch with a 10 foot pole, like asparagus, sound tasty wrapped in sausage.
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Tofu would be bad in a fatty.
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Nope, somethings have worked better en others, but aint no such thing as a bad fatty.

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Hmmm.... you might be right on that one.
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I wasn't too impressed with the 1st one I did, but it was by no means "bad". I just had to get a little more creative (via asking a question here and getting excellent responses. Thanks guys and gals!). My 2nd fatty was a bkft fatty and was great. My next one planned is a pizza fatty and we'll see how it goes.

Put in things you like and it will be great. Good luck, Greg
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The worst Fatty I did was GREAT!!!!
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