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Just paid for mine!!! thumb1.gif

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Good deal.. You'll like it.................Thumbs Up

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Best $15 I have spent in a long, long time.
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When I get my SS check next week I will be helping out....

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Great Site!!!! All Paid up. Thanks

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Paid Jeff I sent you a PM

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paid thanks for the info on here

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"We are now offering SMF Premier Memberships at only $15 per year! This is something that I have wanted to offer since the SMF's inception and it is finally here.

The free memberships are still available however, with a premier membership, you are not only supporting this forum but there are PERKS involved too.


  • You get to turn off the Ads
  • Post a link to your website, facebook, etc. in your signature area
  • Place custom text under your username that shows up in all of your posts
  • Satisfaction of knowing that you are supporting the forum that you love"




2thumbs.gif    IMO <<-------- Click if you're interested :biggrin: 



If you become a "Premier Member" I will receive a Brand New Ashtray!!!

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Count me in ! 

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Originally Posted by mtm29575 View Post

Count me in ! 


2thumbs.gif Sweet!


I'm all over that ashtray!

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Hmm.... Glad I finally found this. Now I can become a premier member as well. Maybe you should make this easier to find? Been here for a few years and never knew anything about it. Thought it was another "clique" like the OTBS. At least this one I have a chance to be in.

Oh, and what ads are turned off? I don't see any.
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I just sent membership payment.  Life is good.

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Just send my membership in. Love this site every one is a lot of help. This is the first place I go when I need help with a cook

Thanks Jeff
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How do I join
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I don't know why I waited so long to do this! Its heaven not having the forum crash my browser because of failing script and adds!

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I joined. This group has helped me so much. My hubby doesn't want to get ribs from the truck anymore and my family always request my pulled pork and briskets.
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Just paid up!

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Got in a month ago, forgive me for not posting here then, least I can do for a Great Forum with such vast amounts of shared wisdom and experience, and lets not forget RECIPE'S !!!!!!!!!!!
And the greatest part of it all is the People that have made it that way, I feel at home in more ways than one, and the least I could do for all that is to support the Forum, and continue to Thank every member that makes this such a wonderful environment and shares, cares and helps everyone they can :yahoo:

You guys and girls are the Best !


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Good deal y'all

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