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Shooters smoke for paint

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1st time out with the lang and I smoked 6lb brisket and ;7 lb butt for friends who came and painted my wifes living room and kitchen. Started at 5am when meat came out of the fridge to set for one hour while I fired my little lang up. I used lump oak charcoal and apple wood for the 1st 4 hrs. Wrapped both and finished with internal temp of brisket at 182. and butt 175. Put both in cooler in towels for about 1 hr and we ate at 7pm.
Baked beans and potato salad rounded out the meal with seasoned smoked shrimp as the appetizer earlier in the day.
Use the basic mustard slather and my own rub.
Pics below but unfortunatly my wife was taking pics and missed some before shots and the shrimp which were great.

Attachment 8619

Attachment 8621

Attachment 8622

Attachment 8623

Attachment 8624
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Looks pretty Yummy,

Did you get the house done? Bet there is no more food left:-)
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Looks like the first cook on the Lang went well. How did the brisket Taste?

You are a better person than me to wait that long to fire that baby up!

How did the paint job turn out! did they ask when they could come back and resod the back yard!icon_smile.gif
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Nice Job Rick! Looking forward to a lot more Q-views from that Lang. And you found a way to get work done at the house too. Very ingenious wink.gif
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Good looking grub.................Great way to get projects done...........
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Brisket took the honors

Yes the paint was all done and had volenteers for next project. The brisket section was very good. One friend who is not a brisket lover went back for seconds after tasting both and chose the brisket. biggrin.gif
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Way to go shooter! You'll have that 48 paid off in labor real soon buddy!!!
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just a side note.

I used a finishing sauce on the pulled pork of apple cider vinegar and brown sugar with black pepper, red pepper flakes, and zatarans creole seasoning. Had several comments that they never had pulled pork with that much flavor and all took leftovers home. I thought the pulled pork was better without bbq sauce and after all left I found both store sauces I bought had not been opened. I will take that as a success.
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