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Hello from Jacksonville, Florida

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Hi All:

I have been on Jeff's site since last summer, took the "eCourse", bought the rub and sauce and I have thoroughly enjoyed learning so much about smoking meat. My guests thank Jeff and many of you as well!!! They are now telling me that the baby back ribs are as good as any they have tasted anywhere, and the last pulled pork was just as good even if I say so myself (thanks again Jeff!). Either I am getting it right or they just want to hang out for some free food!

Although I have been grilling since the '70's, I am fairly new to smoking meat. I have only been at it since last summer. If it had not been for this site including the recipes, the forums, and links, I don't know how successful the first year would have been. As it turns out, it was great!

Equipment includes a GOSM Smoker (and digital thermometers), Brinkmann Pro Series 2600 Gas Grill, extra free standing large single burner gas grill, and several Brinkman burners. I have grilled all sorts of food, rotissoried hams, chickens and turkey breasts, fryed turkeys, cooked low country boils (including crawfish, shrimp and mixed seafood), and I even cook live Maine lobsters outdoors. Now I feel that I am becoming an "intermediate" smoker having smoked St. Louis style ribs, baby back ribs, several boston butts and beef briskets. I plan to add more items to my capabilities as time goes on and I may have to retire the grills!

I am getting the place ready for many repeat performances for this year and I want to try fatties and ABT's on my first smoke. I will continue to experiment and continue to check the forums frequently.

As far as hobbies, etc. - I am into genealogy, coin collecting and I have a small projects studio in my home for music recording/mixing and mastering. I have played '60's music since... well, the 60's! I have tapes that I occasionally download to my digital recording software and master CD's. My first CD was a real hit - it went "lead". 9 copies! (That included 4 band mates and 5 family members).

Well, thanks to everyone for all of the great information! I'll continue checking out the forums and try to figure out how I can return the favor of posting the wealth of information that I have discovered here.

Best regards,
(AKA Billy Bob's Bodacious Bubba Style Bar-B-Q)
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Sounds like your fittin right in with our crowd!
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Welcome to the site.................Great place here and great people here too.......................
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welcome.. good luck in your smoking adventures
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Welcome aboard from another Floridian. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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wew, part way through that I had to take a breath-and as far as music I can't get enough-1 of mine went led to and it wern't robert plant-glad u still hanging round.
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Hey Bill, nice to have ya. Seems alot of pitmen seem to be musicians for some reason. Anyway, welcome to SMF and enjoy your time here :{)
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Welcome to the forum! Lots of great help here. Wish I had known about this place before I did my "rubber" brisket!

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Welcome to the SMF!!
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Welcome to the forum Bill!smile.gif
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Welcome to our little corner of the web. This a great place to learn how to, or shapen your skills on the great American past-time of BBQing.
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Welcome to the SMF, and thanks for a great introduction. I know you're gonna have some fun on this site. Looking forward to your smoke stories and Q View too!
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