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Chicken Leg Q-View

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Been so busy this past week that didn't have time for a big smoke, so I did chicken legs and fish today.

The start of the smoke.

About half way through the smoke.

The finished legs. The fish Q-View is in the fish section.
They smell great, haven't tried one yet, let em cool down a bit.

You can see the new sausage lazy susan I installed this weekend in the top of the smoker. Tryin to get everything together for a batch of sausage.
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nice qview i bet them thar legs taste as good as they look whered ya git that leg hanger i think i need one of them thanks for qview
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Looks great Trav, What kind of fish was it? PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Way to break in the new drumstick holder!!!!
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Nice QView PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

I like the leg holder too!!
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Morkdach: got the leg racks at Lowe's they are $5 ea. good deal in my book.

Joe: The fish is a pair of Talapia I got at wally world.

Legs are great, even the youngest son is eatin em and he don't like legs!
Fish was good as well, I ate one, boys girlfriend ete the other!
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looks good trav, I like legs..wink.gif
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Thats good looking legs you got there Trav. What, a lazy susan for sausage? where in the world u find that???
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Andy: Got the lazy susan at Gander Mountain, it's actually for a smoke hollow unit, made a simple bracket for it and now it works in my GOSM. Tryin to get everything together and make a batch of sausage so I can try it out!

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