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1st Two Fatties

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OK we're addicted. Here come more weight gaine. They are delicious. Put hash brown potatoes, sautee onions and mushrooms with cheese. Oh and bacon bits. My goodness so many things to try. Have so much catching up to do!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry no Q-veiw can't find camera.
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Thought about startin a fatties anomous here on the forum, but figured it would be a waste of time, everyone would fall off the wagon before we could even get a meetin started!
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Actually, the fatties are great low carb fare, so eat away!
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Here you go...borrow my camera...

Glad you enjoyed the fatties!!!

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Found camera. Here is Q-view

The first one didn't last long, had to fight to save this one til camera was foundbiggrin.gif
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Thats a nice lookin fatty! Glad you didn't get hurt durin the fight!

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Fatty wagon good idear
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Great lookin fatty Oscar. I know they don't last long around here either. biggrin.gif

Happy Smokin

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Great looking fatty.............Good job..................
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