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Turkey Brine

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Well I have a turkey in a brine made up of brown suger, garlic, pepper corns and koser salt and onion. I brought up to a boil for 10 min+ and strain it into a brain buckit. I put 5 lbs of ice on the bird and will smoke it in the morning. I kept some of the brine from the cook down and added a qt stick of butter and will us this as a mop. I hope I have some good eats. What do you think?
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Thanks Ken,
The Brown Sugars is boiled down into the brine, I will wash of all, then rub with butter and spices.
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Sounds good to me reddog...Next time take it up a notch and add some orange juice to your brine. Really imparts a nice flavor to the bird!!!
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Hi Mike...you might not want to use the left over brine for the mop, could be pretty salty. Also, as Texas-Hunter pointed out, the sugar in it might get things too dark. I use a mix of apple juice, olive oil and spices for a mop. I do the first mop after 1.5hrs and once each hour after.
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