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New guy here!

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O.K. I am interested in getting into smoking. Many years ago when I was very young my dad smoked suckers. Every spring we would go out and net suckers when they would "run" in the rivers that feed lake superior. Then he would smoke them in a gutted out refrigerator. Anyway...I want to start smoking stuff for myself. I'm pretty handy as far as building things with my own two hands goes, so I figure I will biuld my smoker. I am planning on somthing similar to what my dad used. It is hard to find an old style frig like he had. But I wonder what sorts of things are out there that can be used. Any tips would be appreciated. I want to use wood. I know I have alot to learn, and this site looks like a good placed for that.
Thanks in advance,
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Hey, them old fridges are still around. Get ahold of an appliance dealer and tell him what you are lookin for. I've got a fridge build in the works (stalled right now) and there are some others here who have or are building them.

You can also check with the folks in your area who deal with commercial refridgeration like in resteraunts and such, they sometimes have stainless steel units they will sell which make an excellent smoker! Just besure to bolt it down so it don't walk off on it's own, and that is from personal experience!

Oh, and before I forget, Welcome aboard and we are glad to have ya!
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welcome, gotta love a fridge smoker... have fun in your new adventure here.
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Welcome to the forum. You can learn alot here. I know I did.
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Welcome aboard KC, you will enjoy your time here. Plenty of great info!!!
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welcome to smf, great site,great people. i have not yet seen anyone have a question and not recieve any input that may help out. great place to hang out. i always have a tab on my browser locked into SMF.

like travco said those old fridges they still are out there, a couple years ago i got one for free and for the heck of it fixed the cord end and it works great so i use it as a spare frig in the garage summer time(ok it keeps the beer cold too!) although a newer one prob would use less electricity. another thing to check is places where they deal in commercial or school appliances, sometime they have non-working appliances as well. i been kinda scouting for a stainless upright freezer to convert.
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Welcome to the forum KC9!smile.gif
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Welcome KC. Just make sure you defrost the freezer first.biggrin.gif
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welcome to smf, there is alot to learn here.
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Welcome to the smf..........Glad you found us here........Great place and great people and great info here............
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Welcome KC

Welcome to the smf. I'm sure you will find all the answers to your questions here. Good luck on your new venture.

Happy Smokin

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Welcome Dave! Another Ham in the ranks!
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Welcome to the SMF!!! This place is full of good friendly folks with a wealth of smokin' knowledge!!! Enjoy!
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Welcome to SMF. you found the right place
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Welcome to SMF....KC9
Hope to hear back from you when that build begins..Until then keep checkin around here for the best knowledge on smokin, maybe even find that fridge your lookin for!!! DB BBQ.... Enjoy the smoke!!!
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Thanks everyone. Well...I've decided to get a propane smoker, while I find the parts needed for the frig smoker. My local wal-mart has the GOSM propane smoker so I went down and picked up the bigger of the two that they had. It is out back "seasoning" as I write this. Can't wait to get started. Have not decided what to do first. I'll keep everyone posted. Thanks agian for the help.
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