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Dinner?!? How about smoked turkey legs (Q-view)

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Put 'em on about 45 minutes ago..

Here they are just before going in the smoker.
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can't wait dude...........i posted some links to what other kinds of wood you can expect to find in western iowa btw.........in your smoking woods thread
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Love them turkey legs! Made a big bunch up for the guys at work last weekend, all loved um and wanted more! Can't wait for the q-view!
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Sounds good!
Have not seen them on the shelf around here.
I'll keep looking
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Has anybody ever done these before? I put them on about 1:00 EST
I opened it up 40 minutes ago to turn them..

I just opened it again to mop them with some Wishbone Italian dressing and put a fork thermometer in and it said it was 175. Are they done already?

I have the temp pretty regulated at 225-250. I expected to eat around 5 or 6. I'm not even hungry yet.
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yeah.......they don't take long.......wrap in foil..........couple towels and then into a cooler.........also.....make sure where you checked the temps, you didn't get TOO close to the bone......that will give you a false reading
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Thanks Walking Dude. You are the man.

I'm gonna double check the temp in the biggest one.

I'll post some q-view of the finished product later.

The wife will be happy if they are done early.. I was trying to get out of laying some carpet in the basement today.
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If you're not hungry yet, you can send them my way....I haven't had lunch.biggrin.gif
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Maybe I was too close to the bone the first time.

I checked a couple and I'm getting 135-150

Looks like the carpeting is gonna wait after all.
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Those do look good! I always did like turkey legs.
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looking good.PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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They look fantastic. I havent had a smoked turkey leg in forever.

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What a hit these bad boys were.

One daughter was really mad when she found out I was smoking today and she won't be here..

The other daughter had a friend come for dinner who was very happy she was able to come.. so I guess it worked out.
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glad everything werked out for you dman............they DO look good

points for you
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Every time I do turkey legs they end up looking like my avataricon_rolleyes.gif
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What does being hungry have to do with eating smoked turkey legs?confused.gif
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Great looking legs........... Glad they turned out for you............
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When I cook Turkey or Chicken legs they turn out very rubbery. Not just the skin but the meat too. Can anyone tell me why? Thanks.
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The skin was a little rubbery on these.. but the meat was perfect.
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on these WHAT dman?
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